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Self-Portrait images

Here is the powerpoint I showed in class.

Assignment #2 Self-Portrait

Assignment 2

Due 3/23/10

Self-Portrait (4 prints)
3 that have some part of you in the image, 1 that does not have a person in it.

6 rolls of film, contact sheets to be turned in with prints. Shoot lots of things on your rolls, you are not limited to only self-portraits.

How do you see yourself? How do others see you? How do you view yourself in the world? How can you photograph yourself in a place or landscape and by doing; claim it? How can you use a self-portrait to proclaim your idea of your image.

Make four images that show different sides to who you are. One could be how you see yourself, the other could be how you think others see you, or show yourself as someone completely different. Create a persona for yourself or reveal an aspect that no one knows. Think beyond the objects in your living space or hobbies you have.

Photograph yourself, you do not need to show your face but some part of your body, shadow or reflection must be in the photograph. The exception is one image should be a self-portrait of you without showing any part of you. How can objects, landscapes, places &c. show us something about you.

The purpose is to use what you have learned about properties of light and the camera (depth of field, motion, exposure, etc.) and create images that are compelling to the viewer and tell us something about yourself. Consider these pictures to be a series that works together as a complete portrait. Use and embrace serendipity.

Some techniques:
You will need to make sure that you know how to use the self-timer on your camera. Bring these in next week so we can make sure everything is working.
You will also need to know how to use and check out a tripod.
I can also do a demo on lights if anyone is interested.

Assignment #1 criteria

here is the criteria I was talking about today, any questions, let me know, here or via email
looking forward to seeing all the work!

(each of these get a points-1 to 5 possible)
Assignment #1- Art Shanty, snow, motion &c.

Blog post from Art Shanty-5 pts turned in on time, 2pts if late.

Fulfilled photo Criteria: 5 prints, 5 contact sheets with a wide range of subjects.

Snow, cold and breath pictures resolved creatively, evidence on contact of trying multiple ideas.

Depth of Field and Motion, fulfilled parameters creatively, shallow depth and depiction of motion.

Print craft-clean borders, easel making edge, correct density, in focus.

Effort: challenged yourself, range of ideas attempted
Originality and creativity in the images

Craft: contact sheets printed to threshold of black, full coverage of sheet (no white edges), negatives printed right reading and facing same direction.

Participation in Class: working in darkroom, coming to class and asking for feedback from Prof and TA

Participation during presentation of work.

Bulk Film?

I am thinking about buying some film in bulk - there are some boxes of 50 rolls for about $215 that I found and I am wondering if anybody would be interested in splitting a box with me - 25 rolls each for $107.50 plus shipping, if applicable. Let me know!

- Laura

Art Shanty

The art shanty was a very adventurous experience for me. The only day i was available to attend was the last day. I left my house a couple hours before it closed. Me and my friend spent a good hour and a half driving around trying to find the place. We had to stop at gas stations and ask for directions and turn around many times. When we finally got there, there were a few minutes to spare. It was definitely a pleasant surprise. I really enjoyed wandering around, looking at all the shanties. I really like the whole atmosphere, watching the kids push each other on sleds and everybody laughing. It was a great experience and definitely a fun way to get out and see something different.

Art Shanty

(before start, I am really sorry for writing this late, because I did not know that it is a part of assignment)
Art Shanty was one of the brand-new experience for me, as Asian, in my life. I looked up the meaning of "Shanty" before I go to the Art Shanty. I have never been anywhere else except the transit goes, and it was my first trip in Minnesota. When I get there, it was frozen lake and I could see lots of Shanties that had a lot of different decorations and items that are very unusual that caught my eyes to stay and push my shutter. There were several place that I could shoot my film.(I was expecting my pictures taken very nice, yet in reality not very nice photo)
My personal favourite shanty was Finland Shanty, because I had no ideas about Finland and their cultures. By the entrance of the Shanty, they gave each person their names in Finnish.(My name was "Joel")
Especially, I went most of the Shanties and I could not understand their purposes of some of the Shanties, for example some space ship Shanty.
At last, it was really great experience for me to see art project like this and If there is a chance next year, I will be really glad to visit again.
Yoontae Kim

Project: Art Shanties

My trek to Medicine Lake this past Saturday was beyond memorable. I forcefully convinced my boyfriend to accompany me, and I believe he was happy that I was able to sway him. We both filled with excitement once we could see all the creative little shanties on the horizon. As cold and snowy as the weather was, neither of us anticipated the need for oversized, warm coats, and heavy boots. Our feet were frozen before we made it to the central loop of shanties.
Once we made it to the spot we walked around to survey the area before deciding which shanties to visit. After meandering about a couple shanties, we were both drawn the Dance Shanty. The energy of the little box was magnetic. We both found the Dance Shanty to be our favorites of all the shanties. The dICEHOUSES were also a favorite of mine. I thought it was fun to see all sorts of odd and classic games being played by everyone. We spent a couple hours on the lake, but left sooner than we wanted to. Going to the Art Shanty Projects is something that I would love to make a yearly tradition.

Art Shanty

Kate and I made my our to this floating city on January 30th. It was a beautiful day out and we arrived around 1:30PM.
I was amazed at the turnout! There had to be a couple of hundred people out and about. Kids on skis and sleds, dogs of all shapes and sizes, couples out for a mid-day date, and a surprising amount of photographers of all ages.
My first instinct was to start shooting, but the sun was on full blast and I knew I'd get some harsh shadows if I wasn't careful so I tried to pick and choose, getting shots in the shade where possible.
The shear number of shanties was amazing! Way more than I expected. It was so busy at the time that we had a rough time getting into all but a handful. We stopped in the Dance Shanty, the FantaShanty, the Tea Shanty (forget its real name), and one other that I'm unsure of the theme.
The people were great. It had a very Minnesotan vibe, one which I haven't experienced in a while. The closest thing recently would probably have to be movies in Loring Park over the summer. Everyone was having a good time and were very happy to let me photograph them.
Before I left I ran out to the middle of the lake trying to get a shot of a guy drilling an ice hole, only to get out there when the motor died! The trip was a blast. More so than I imagined! I'd like to go again next year, but set aside more than a couple hours so I could make my way through all the shanties.

-Brandon Lattin

Shanty Town

I headed out to the art shanties two weeks ago, on a nice clear wintery day. I always enjoy being outside, and it was a perfect day to do so. I hadn't really been expecting a big production from this, in fact beforehand I was wondering how I would be able to distinguish these shanties from the other numerous ones that were surely on the same lake. Upon arriving I was surprised by the number of people there, punctuated by my inability to find a parking spot. The shanties were quite a bit more substantial and accessible than I was expecting. Although the shanties themselves were interesting, I found myself to be more focused on the area outside, and all of the people who were there enjoying themselves. It was especially surprising to see some sort of live theater performance being put on, which was attracting the biggest crowds. The atmosphere reminded me of a small scale summer carnival or fair, with everyone in seemingly good and explorative moods, which seemed somehow completely fitting despite the 15 degree weather out there that day. I think it would be safe to say the ice shanties were unlike anything I have seen before.

Art Shanties

My trip to the art shanties on Medicine Lake this Sunday was a memorable one. Although it was late and the snow and wind coming off the lake were terrible, people still seemed to be having a good time. When I first got there I was surprised by how many shanties there were, and how many different colors and shapes they came in. The first thing we happened upon was the hot dog and hot cocoa stand which regrettably was closed. Then we moved over to the Guerilla Classroom shanty, which I thought was really cool, and made our mark on it with chalk. The atmosphere of the shanties was very fun and positive, and you could hear the music and voices from the Dance shanty wherever you went. All of the shanties were so different and yet they were all exciting. The FantaShanty was one of my personal favorites, probably because of the music and the colors. I also really enjoyed the Sauna shanty and the Shop shanty. Every shanty you went to there was something new to see or learn and that was my favorite part of the whole experience. I'll definitely be coming back to the art shanties next year!

-Tessa Carlson

Art Shanty

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On Saturday, February 6th, I ventured to Medicine Lake with my parents to check out the art shanty project. My parents were up for a visit and wanted to be able to experience a fun activity while they were here. I figured they would have a decent time on the lake, but I never would have expected them to be as interested and excited as they were.
After defying the directions and taking a scenic route to the lake, we finally arrived. My first thought was of how many people were there. The bustle of those on foot, sled, snowmobile, and paw was very exciting, especially as I first saw the shanties from a distance on the lake. It was unlike anything I had expected.
My parents and I spent a much longer time on the lake than we had anticipated. I spent most of my time wandering away from them to pop into every shanty. The atmosphere was so different and creative that I felt like I was in a different place than Minnesota altogether. The cold made it difficult to take pictures, but I sucked it up and made my hands tolerate it to capture candid shots of children playing, a bear arm wrestling a man to gain admittance to a shanty, the uniqueness of each shanty, as well as many others.
My favorite shanty is a tie between the Art Post post office shanty and the poetry shanty covered in chalk. The Art Post reminded me of a book I have, "Other People's Love Letters", which is a compilation of various letters to and from lovers. It was exciting to watch others write something to someone else. Letters can be so private and personal, each one being unique and having a specific purpose. Being a part of this creativity and personal moment as each person wrote a new letter was art of its own. With the poetry shanty, I could have stayed there all day reading the scribbles and thoughts strewn and squished onto the walls. It was interesting to see what was deemed important enough to each person to be written on the wall. Ranging from "cheap sex" to "shoot for the moon, even if you miss you will land among the stars" to "jason loves jenna" to "blah blah blah", you got a sense of amusement, encouragement, love, and quirkyness, all on the walls of a shanty. I guess I would say I prefer the shanties that have a more personal quality to them, but each shanty had that. It's rather exciting though to know that so many people came and left their mark in some way.
The art shanty project was an amazing experience. I wish it were open for longer so I could be able to share the opportunity with more people!

Art Shanty Escapade

When I got the opportunity to go to the art shanties this weekend it was a bit treacherous. It was very windy, snowing, and on the verge of becoming a blizzard. Slightly discouraged I made it out anyway.
To my surprise there were still a numerous amount of people visiting the shanties. Despite the crowd, I was still a little skeptical about the place because I hadn't heard much about it and didn't know what to expect. Once I reached the shanties, however, the liveliness of the place could be noticed at once. Everyone seemed to have a good attitude and looked like they were genuinely enjoying themselves and were actually interested in the artsy things taking place.
I went in many of the shanties, but I definitely had my favorites. I really liked the Fantashanty. It was very mystical, had wonderful decor, and a surreal atmosphere- despite the cold. Another favorite was the Dance shanty. It was nice to have a reason to move around and warm up. I also noticed the awesome hot dog and hot cocoa stand, but unfortunately it was closed by the time I arrived so I sadly missed out on the deliciousness. I managed to write on the wall of the Guerilla Classroom shanty, and it was awesome being able to read some of the other things scrawled on the walls as well.
Overall the art shanties had a great atmosphere filled with various art forms and it made for an overall great experience. I would definitely visit again!

Art Shanties

On the 31st of January, I made my over to Medicine Lake with Deb from class who was gracious enough to give me a ride there. I wasn't really sure what to expect from the exhibit. In my mind I had kind of pictured a desolate lake with a few shanties painted in some kooky colors. However, I found that I really enjoyed myself at the Art Shanties exhibit. I was shocked and pleased at the sense of community that I felt while walking around the lake. I had prepared myself to be a viewer, and not a participant that day, so I felt a little bad when I didn't have much to give back. However, this did not seem to bother those volunteers who were running the shanties. Everyone really seemed to be enjoying themselves, and I felt like most people left their inhibitions on the shore.
The shanties themselves were a great example of creativity, and were a lot of fun to photography. My favorite was definitely the spy shack and the dance shack. The volunteers in these areas just really seemed to be enjoying themselves, and their attitudes were contagious. I could not stop laughing at the guys in the spy shanty when they showed us their "sonar spying equipment" which allowed us to listen to what was happening in the other huts. The dance shanty was a great opportunity to warm up, and I can honestly say that I've never seen people happier to be dancing in the middle of winter on a lake. My favorite shanty name though? The Fanta-shanty. It definitely reminded me of that feeling of awe that you get when you're little and you've found the best hiding spot or fort. The whole experience in general made me feel like a kid again in many ways. Everything had this very whimsical and carefree feeling.

Shanties and Slush

I went to the Art Shanty about two weeks ago with a couple friends who love anything that has to do with ice fishing. We went during an oddly warm weekend for Minnesota in January - it was raining that day and the lake was covered in a layer of sloppy wet slush. Normally this would create a pretty miserable experience, but it was well worth it! We visited the Shop shanty first, and I tried my luck at winning a board game called Kosher Land. They were also giving out knobs to anyone who was willing to scream "I love knobs!" just outside the shanty, and a book called "The Mullet" to anyone with a mullet that measured ½" in the front and 6" in the back. We also visited the Fantashanty, which looked pretty plain from the outside but was filled with green trees and leaves, whimsical music, and little fantasy creatures on the inside. We took a "trip" to Hawaii in the Staycation shanty and got our picture taken (for photographic evidence). But all three of us agreed that our favorite shanty was the Idea shanty. Being a bunch of nerdy IT students, we were drawn to it by the electrical circuit diagram painted on the outside. Inside, they informed us that the diagram was of the circuit that ran the wind turbine providing power to their shanty. They also gave us LED lights and batteries, and had a wide assortment of art supplies that we could use to make "LED bling"! We all had a lot of fun at the Art Shanty, and we plan to go back next year!

Art Shanties

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At first I thought, why would I want to spend my day outside on a frozen Minnesota lake? It is cold in Minnesota and generally I like to spend my Sundays (especially Super Bowl Sunday) inside; eating food and staying dry and warm. However, upon arriving at the Art Shanty Project my mind had changed. I went today (Feb 7th) and was surprised to see it packed. Every age ranging from children who could hardly walk to seniors, were invited and could partake in the various art projects that each shanty provided. It was really fun that each shanty was decorated and dedicated to a theme. There were a lot of neat projects, however, due to the size of these structures I only had the chance to make a postcard. My favorite shanties were the Fantashanty, Sauna Shanty, and the Nordic Shanty, were I was given the Finnish name of "Onni;" a male name, but I was told the Finns enjoy gender bending qualities.

I enjoyed the people that were there and found myself wanting to take pictures of them. It was fun that so many people would get bundled up to the point where they could hardly move in order to enjoy the creativity on the lake. There were children running around, uncovering the slippery ice in order to see who could slide the furthest and a lot of people had film cameras. The textures of winter clothing stuck out to me because other than the shanties the sky was a dull, flat, and gray. Everyone who was there seemed very happy and inspired, while proving once more that Minnesotans are nuts.

I enjoyed my visit and will be checking it out next year!


Coolest thing I have done a in while

When we were given this assignment to go to a frozen lake and view art, the first thing that popped into my head was "that is SO Minnesota." I grew up in Milwaukee, and was never into the whole "ice fishing" culture, so I have never really spent a large amount of time on a frozen lake unless I had ice skates on. I was skeptical of the whole "Art Shanty Project" thinking it was literally going to be ice fishing huts with some washed up artist's artwork on display.

My world was rocked when I went to the Art Shanty Project last weekend. Not only were these fishing huts displaying some of the coolest artwork I have seen, but they were interactive, and decorated with such thought. The first hut I walked into set the tone for the rest of my trip. I walked into the Nordic Immersion Village Art Shanty where when I walked in, I was greeted in a Nordic language and given my own Scandinavian name, "Stine." Being thrown into a world where you do not understand anything was super interesting. You learn that even though there may be language barriers, it is easy to communicate simple ideas and learn something new.
My Scandinavian name

Some of the other art shanties that were my favorite were the Guerilla Classroom where you were supposed to graffiti the wall with information that would teach others; the Dance Shanty where we dressed up and boogied for a few minutes to warm up, and the FantaShanty where I engulfed by a whimsical forest and was serenaded by a musician with songs that reflect his life.
from the Guerilla Classroom
The FantaShanty

After being on the lake for two hours, the only reason why I left was because I could not really feel my toes. I had such a fantastic time walking around to the different shanties and learning new things and possibilities. This Art Shanty Project is definitely one of Minneapolis' best kept secrets.

Here are a few more pictures from the day!

Roomie Dancing!

Jam Band

Art Car

Light Shanty


A trip to some pretty artistic shanties.

Just this past Sunday, I managed to convince my boyfriend and his two roommates to drive me out to Medicine Lake. I figured that a little bit of begging would allow me to finish my impending assignment, and replace the boys' x-box with a little culture for the day. When we arrived, it was utterly bone-chillingly cold, and I was taken aback by the maze of little lean-to shanties that dotted the scene. For all i knew initially, people could have been legitimately ice fishing and I was in the wrong place completely. But after a little exploring, I came across the Shop Shanty, where I learned a little bit about how we relate to our possessions, how most of them are entirely useless, and how cool the global economy would be if we regressed back into a barter system. The guys' favorite part of the day was the Black Bania, and I liked it too, because it was as warm as a tar pit, and it was the first time we all stopped grumbling about lost feeling in the extremities. The only thing I found a little uncomfortable was all the discussion about public sweating rites. My most intriguing and motion-packed photos undoubtedly were taken in the Dance Shanty, which was beyond cool. If only people felt compelled to actually dance like that way back when during high school homecomings. Anyway, to sum it up, seeing all the creative things people had come up with was really uplifting, and I'd love to visit again next winter. However, tragedy struck when I left my camera unattended in the truck we drove it, and came back to find the most idiotic roommate of all, Kevin, fiddling with it...with the back wide open and film exposing. I could have killed him I think, so it's good that all the artistry has made me overly upbeat to begin with.

For Feb 9th Class

Read: Chapter 6 in the book, all about printing
Bring: you camera, print paper, negatives, film to process if you want.
we will be going over how to make prints with some lab time and possibly a Genius or slide show of some photos.

An article about Magnum

Magnum is one of the first photo agencies, run as a cooperative it was started by Robert Capa and Henri Cartier-Bresson and other famous photojournalists in 1947.
Anyway this is an article about them selling/moving their archive. Mostly it is worth reading for the short history of the cooperative.
more at http://www.magnumphotos.com
Larry Towell

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