A trip to some pretty artistic shanties.

Just this past Sunday, I managed to convince my boyfriend and his two roommates to drive me out to Medicine Lake. I figured that a little bit of begging would allow me to finish my impending assignment, and replace the boys' x-box with a little culture for the day. When we arrived, it was utterly bone-chillingly cold, and I was taken aback by the maze of little lean-to shanties that dotted the scene. For all i knew initially, people could have been legitimately ice fishing and I was in the wrong place completely. But after a little exploring, I came across the Shop Shanty, where I learned a little bit about how we relate to our possessions, how most of them are entirely useless, and how cool the global economy would be if we regressed back into a barter system. The guys' favorite part of the day was the Black Bania, and I liked it too, because it was as warm as a tar pit, and it was the first time we all stopped grumbling about lost feeling in the extremities. The only thing I found a little uncomfortable was all the discussion about public sweating rites. My most intriguing and motion-packed photos undoubtedly were taken in the Dance Shanty, which was beyond cool. If only people felt compelled to actually dance like that way back when during high school homecomings. Anyway, to sum it up, seeing all the creative things people had come up with was really uplifting, and I'd love to visit again next winter. However, tragedy struck when I left my camera unattended in the truck we drove it, and came back to find the most idiotic roommate of all, Kevin, fiddling with it...with the back wide open and film exposing. I could have killed him I think, so it's good that all the artistry has made me overly upbeat to begin with.

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