Art Shanties

My trip to the art shanties on Medicine Lake this Sunday was a memorable one. Although it was late and the snow and wind coming off the lake were terrible, people still seemed to be having a good time. When I first got there I was surprised by how many shanties there were, and how many different colors and shapes they came in. The first thing we happened upon was the hot dog and hot cocoa stand which regrettably was closed. Then we moved over to the Guerilla Classroom shanty, which I thought was really cool, and made our mark on it with chalk. The atmosphere of the shanties was very fun and positive, and you could hear the music and voices from the Dance shanty wherever you went. All of the shanties were so different and yet they were all exciting. The FantaShanty was one of my personal favorites, probably because of the music and the colors. I also really enjoyed the Sauna shanty and the Shop shanty. Every shanty you went to there was something new to see or learn and that was my favorite part of the whole experience. I'll definitely be coming back to the art shanties next year!

-Tessa Carlson

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