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At first I thought, why would I want to spend my day outside on a frozen Minnesota lake? It is cold in Minnesota and generally I like to spend my Sundays (especially Super Bowl Sunday) inside; eating food and staying dry and warm. However, upon arriving at the Art Shanty Project my mind had changed. I went today (Feb 7th) and was surprised to see it packed. Every age ranging from children who could hardly walk to seniors, were invited and could partake in the various art projects that each shanty provided. It was really fun that each shanty was decorated and dedicated to a theme. There were a lot of neat projects, however, due to the size of these structures I only had the chance to make a postcard. My favorite shanties were the Fantashanty, Sauna Shanty, and the Nordic Shanty, were I was given the Finnish name of "Onni;" a male name, but I was told the Finns enjoy gender bending qualities.

I enjoyed the people that were there and found myself wanting to take pictures of them. It was fun that so many people would get bundled up to the point where they could hardly move in order to enjoy the creativity on the lake. There were children running around, uncovering the slippery ice in order to see who could slide the furthest and a lot of people had film cameras. The textures of winter clothing stuck out to me because other than the shanties the sky was a dull, flat, and gray. Everyone who was there seemed very happy and inspired, while proving once more that Minnesotans are nuts.

I enjoyed my visit and will be checking it out next year!


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I finally made it out to the Art Shanty today with my two sisters, one of their friends and my brother. We all had a blast. I wasn't expecting there to be as many shanties as there were; I was definitely pleasantly surprised. Not only was there lots of art to look at including the art shanties themselves but there was also a lot of learning that went on. It seemed like the mood of everyone there was a curious and ready to learn attitude. People wanted to learn what each shanty was all about, how it was made, who made it, where the idea came from, etc. It was a very interactive art which is fun to be apart of because you get to start to know people and what makes them tick. They share who they are with you through their art and ideas.
I really enjoyed the "Shop" shanty. I like the idea of buying things with other things, knowledge, or acts as opposed to actual money. Everybody can have money but not everybody has the same knowledge and experiences to share and give. There was a dollar for sale with advice on the bottom, which had to be bought by another dollar bill with advice that you wrote on it. My sister bought the dollar bill and the advice that she got from the dollar was, " Don't let your mom brush your hair when your mom is mad at your dad".
I'm really glad this was assigned to the class, because I really did have a good time and saw some awesome things and learned some cool things too!-Sarah

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