Art Shanty

(before start, I am really sorry for writing this late, because I did not know that it is a part of assignment)
Art Shanty was one of the brand-new experience for me, as Asian, in my life. I looked up the meaning of "Shanty" before I go to the Art Shanty. I have never been anywhere else except the transit goes, and it was my first trip in Minnesota. When I get there, it was frozen lake and I could see lots of Shanties that had a lot of different decorations and items that are very unusual that caught my eyes to stay and push my shutter. There were several place that I could shoot my film.(I was expecting my pictures taken very nice, yet in reality not very nice photo)
My personal favourite shanty was Finland Shanty, because I had no ideas about Finland and their cultures. By the entrance of the Shanty, they gave each person their names in Finnish.(My name was "Joel")
Especially, I went most of the Shanties and I could not understand their purposes of some of the Shanties, for example some space ship Shanty.
At last, it was really great experience for me to see art project like this and If there is a chance next year, I will be really glad to visit again.
Yoontae Kim

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