Art Shanty Escapade

When I got the opportunity to go to the art shanties this weekend it was a bit treacherous. It was very windy, snowing, and on the verge of becoming a blizzard. Slightly discouraged I made it out anyway.
To my surprise there were still a numerous amount of people visiting the shanties. Despite the crowd, I was still a little skeptical about the place because I hadn't heard much about it and didn't know what to expect. Once I reached the shanties, however, the liveliness of the place could be noticed at once. Everyone seemed to have a good attitude and looked like they were genuinely enjoying themselves and were actually interested in the artsy things taking place.
I went in many of the shanties, but I definitely had my favorites. I really liked the Fantashanty. It was very mystical, had wonderful decor, and a surreal atmosphere- despite the cold. Another favorite was the Dance shanty. It was nice to have a reason to move around and warm up. I also noticed the awesome hot dog and hot cocoa stand, but unfortunately it was closed by the time I arrived so I sadly missed out on the deliciousness. I managed to write on the wall of the Guerilla Classroom shanty, and it was awesome being able to read some of the other things scrawled on the walls as well.
Overall the art shanties had a great atmosphere filled with various art forms and it made for an overall great experience. I would definitely visit again!

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