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On Saturday, February 6th, I ventured to Medicine Lake with my parents to check out the art shanty project. My parents were up for a visit and wanted to be able to experience a fun activity while they were here. I figured they would have a decent time on the lake, but I never would have expected them to be as interested and excited as they were.
After defying the directions and taking a scenic route to the lake, we finally arrived. My first thought was of how many people were there. The bustle of those on foot, sled, snowmobile, and paw was very exciting, especially as I first saw the shanties from a distance on the lake. It was unlike anything I had expected.
My parents and I spent a much longer time on the lake than we had anticipated. I spent most of my time wandering away from them to pop into every shanty. The atmosphere was so different and creative that I felt like I was in a different place than Minnesota altogether. The cold made it difficult to take pictures, but I sucked it up and made my hands tolerate it to capture candid shots of children playing, a bear arm wrestling a man to gain admittance to a shanty, the uniqueness of each shanty, as well as many others.
My favorite shanty is a tie between the Art Post post office shanty and the poetry shanty covered in chalk. The Art Post reminded me of a book I have, "Other People's Love Letters", which is a compilation of various letters to and from lovers. It was exciting to watch others write something to someone else. Letters can be so private and personal, each one being unique and having a specific purpose. Being a part of this creativity and personal moment as each person wrote a new letter was art of its own. With the poetry shanty, I could have stayed there all day reading the scribbles and thoughts strewn and squished onto the walls. It was interesting to see what was deemed important enough to each person to be written on the wall. Ranging from "cheap sex" to "shoot for the moon, even if you miss you will land among the stars" to "jason loves jenna" to "blah blah blah", you got a sense of amusement, encouragement, love, and quirkyness, all on the walls of a shanty. I guess I would say I prefer the shanties that have a more personal quality to them, but each shanty had that. It's rather exciting though to know that so many people came and left their mark in some way.
The art shanty project was an amazing experience. I wish it were open for longer so I could be able to share the opportunity with more people!

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Last weekend toward dusk at Art Shanty, I tried to capture movement with my camera. I did not succeed where I tried intentionally, but I did get great blur in the dance shanty ("hey must be the money" still buzzing in my head). I was distracted by trying to connect what I saw through the view finder, but this did not detract from the amazing feeling I had being in such an otherworldly place. My friend Dave and I had gone to a fundraiser for the "I'd rather be Staycation Shanty" earlier in the year. We felt like proud patrons when we went in to pose as colonial tourists in front of the Egytptian pyramids. We connected in brief moments on the ice with friendly strangers but I also ran into two people who work in cubes near to mine and it was great to acknowledge them outside of cubeworld. There were many times when I felt like a video camera would have been perfect to capture the shanty magic. But that mostly means I need to get better at using my camera.

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