Assignment #1 criteria

here is the criteria I was talking about today, any questions, let me know, here or via email
looking forward to seeing all the work!

(each of these get a points-1 to 5 possible)
Assignment #1- Art Shanty, snow, motion &c.

Blog post from Art Shanty-5 pts turned in on time, 2pts if late.

Fulfilled photo Criteria: 5 prints, 5 contact sheets with a wide range of subjects.

Snow, cold and breath pictures resolved creatively, evidence on contact of trying multiple ideas.

Depth of Field and Motion, fulfilled parameters creatively, shallow depth and depiction of motion.

Print craft-clean borders, easel making edge, correct density, in focus.

Effort: challenged yourself, range of ideas attempted
Originality and creativity in the images

Craft: contact sheets printed to threshold of black, full coverage of sheet (no white edges), negatives printed right reading and facing same direction.

Participation in Class: working in darkroom, coming to class and asking for feedback from Prof and TA

Participation during presentation of work.

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