Coolest thing I have done a in while

When we were given this assignment to go to a frozen lake and view art, the first thing that popped into my head was "that is SO Minnesota." I grew up in Milwaukee, and was never into the whole "ice fishing" culture, so I have never really spent a large amount of time on a frozen lake unless I had ice skates on. I was skeptical of the whole "Art Shanty Project" thinking it was literally going to be ice fishing huts with some washed up artist's artwork on display.

My world was rocked when I went to the Art Shanty Project last weekend. Not only were these fishing huts displaying some of the coolest artwork I have seen, but they were interactive, and decorated with such thought. The first hut I walked into set the tone for the rest of my trip. I walked into the Nordic Immersion Village Art Shanty where when I walked in, I was greeted in a Nordic language and given my own Scandinavian name, "Stine." Being thrown into a world where you do not understand anything was super interesting. You learn that even though there may be language barriers, it is easy to communicate simple ideas and learn something new.
My Scandinavian name

Some of the other art shanties that were my favorite were the Guerilla Classroom where you were supposed to graffiti the wall with information that would teach others; the Dance Shanty where we dressed up and boogied for a few minutes to warm up, and the FantaShanty where I engulfed by a whimsical forest and was serenaded by a musician with songs that reflect his life.
from the Guerilla Classroom
The FantaShanty

After being on the lake for two hours, the only reason why I left was because I could not really feel my toes. I had such a fantastic time walking around to the different shanties and learning new things and possibilities. This Art Shanty Project is definitely one of Minneapolis' best kept secrets.

Here are a few more pictures from the day!

Roomie Dancing!

Jam Band

Art Car

Light Shanty


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