Project: Art Shanties

My trek to Medicine Lake this past Saturday was beyond memorable. I forcefully convinced my boyfriend to accompany me, and I believe he was happy that I was able to sway him. We both filled with excitement once we could see all the creative little shanties on the horizon. As cold and snowy as the weather was, neither of us anticipated the need for oversized, warm coats, and heavy boots. Our feet were frozen before we made it to the central loop of shanties.
Once we made it to the spot we walked around to survey the area before deciding which shanties to visit. After meandering about a couple shanties, we were both drawn the Dance Shanty. The energy of the little box was magnetic. We both found the Dance Shanty to be our favorites of all the shanties. The dICEHOUSES were also a favorite of mine. I thought it was fun to see all sorts of odd and classic games being played by everyone. We spent a couple hours on the lake, but left sooner than we wanted to. Going to the Art Shanty Projects is something that I would love to make a yearly tradition.

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