Shanties and Slush

I went to the Art Shanty about two weeks ago with a couple friends who love anything that has to do with ice fishing. We went during an oddly warm weekend for Minnesota in January - it was raining that day and the lake was covered in a layer of sloppy wet slush. Normally this would create a pretty miserable experience, but it was well worth it! We visited the Shop shanty first, and I tried my luck at winning a board game called Kosher Land. They were also giving out knobs to anyone who was willing to scream "I love knobs!" just outside the shanty, and a book called "The Mullet" to anyone with a mullet that measured ½" in the front and 6" in the back. We also visited the Fantashanty, which looked pretty plain from the outside but was filled with green trees and leaves, whimsical music, and little fantasy creatures on the inside. We took a "trip" to Hawaii in the Staycation shanty and got our picture taken (for photographic evidence). But all three of us agreed that our favorite shanty was the Idea shanty. Being a bunch of nerdy IT students, we were drawn to it by the electrical circuit diagram painted on the outside. Inside, they informed us that the diagram was of the circuit that ran the wind turbine providing power to their shanty. They also gave us LED lights and batteries, and had a wide assortment of art supplies that we could use to make "LED bling"! We all had a lot of fun at the Art Shanty, and we plan to go back next year!

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