Extra Credit!

Extra Credit
If you wish to do extra credit, you must pick an artist and date by March 30. By picking a date you are committing to do a presentation.
Available dates are April 6, 13, 20 and 27. Your presentation will take place at the beginning of class. If you fulfill all the parameters, it will add 3% to your overall grade.

Artist Presentation
• 10 minutes in length-this means no longer and no shorter, practice to make sure you can hit ten minutes, +- 30 seconds
• You should show a minimum of 20 images of the artists work.
• Keep it simple, use a black background for the slides, use minimal title slides, we want to hear you tell the story while we look at pictures. Image title captions are good. No bonus points for fancy titles or animations.
• Image quality is important, your images should be 100 ppi and 1000 pixels on the longest side.
• You will also turn in a copy of the powerpoint to me that I can put on the blog.

You will research an artist from the artist list that will be part of this post. You may choose an artist who is not on the list, but check with me first. Pick an artist by researching names on the interweb and finding images, wikipedia is also a good tool for basic info and bibliography. If you want a recommendation of an artist you can also check with Juana and I. The best way to create your presentation is with powerpoint, if you dont have access to the program there is a free web based version available at google docs.

In this presentation you will talk about the artist, their work, the process they used to make their work, influences &c. Tell us the core issues in their work, what have they said about their work, what others have said and what they are trying to accomplish.
Most artists have many different bodies of work, it is best to focus on one project or body of work rather than cover the entire breadth of their career.

All the images in the presentation should be at 100ppi and at 1000 pixels on the longest dimension. (I can cover more of the technical details for those who wish)

Most of the art and photo books are in the sub basement of the Wilson Library. You cannot browse but may request books in the online card catalog. You will need to scan from books, scanners are available in several different computer labs on campus.

scanner instructions

computer lab locations
Extra Credit.pdf

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