Holga Assignment

this is the Holga Assignment

Holga (2 prints, 2-3 rolls)
Due April 13

We have been using a relatively accurate tool, the SLR 35mm film camera. These cameras give one predictable and repeatable results. As technology becomes more a part of our lives (digital camera, i-pods) there is less opportunity to have an experience that is uncontrolled or flawed. The Holga is a low-tech plastic camera with a plastic lens that tends to leak light and will force you to embrace serendipity and unpredictability.

The subject matter is open, so have fun!

The goal is to use a new kind of camera (one that is accessible as well, a new Holga costs about 30 bucks) with a new film format and a larger negative.

You will need to check out a Holga camera from the photo crib and you will need at least 2 rolls of 120 mm Ilford HP 5. Only use 400 ISO film with this camera.
You will also need different negative sleeves, for sale in the photo crib. Also there is a different lens to use with the enlarger that I will show you.

Good online Holga info here

pdf directions


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