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Dry mounting

Mounting Handout

(After Caroline Houdek)

What You Need

• Acid free, white, 4 ply mat board (do not use colored or black board)
• Dry Mount Tissue (Color Mount)
• Utility knife with extra new blades
• Cork back ruler, preferably 24" long
• Pencil
• Soft eraser (not the pink kind)

What to Do

1. Turn on the dry-mount press, it takes 15 minutes or more to heat up, and set it to 200º F. Also plug in the tacking iron and set it in it's cradle so it does not burn the table.
2. Gently attach the dry mount tissue to the back center of your photo with the tip of the tacking iron. You are not attaching the whole paper, just tacking it to the back.
3. Trim down your photo (with the dry mount tissue attached) to the size you want.
4. Cut your mat board so there is AT LEAST 3" of border all the way around your photo with an extra 1/2" of space at the bottom of the photo. (Keep in mind a final portfolio looks better if all the mat board is the same size, 14" x 17" is a good size for 8" x 10" prints).
5. Measure where your photo will go on your mat board and lightly and gently mark two places on the top and one side so you can place your photo.
6. Place your photo on the mat board, use a weight on top just make sure you don't scratch the surface of the print. Carefully lift up the edge of your photo and tack the dry-mount tissue (not the photo) to the board on 2 diagonal sides so it is attached to the mat board.
7. Place the photo/mat board face up in the dry mount press between the release paper. Make sure there is an additional piece of mat board on top of it - Also make sure there is no dust/dirt or it will create bumps on your print!
8. Press at 200º F for about 1 and 1/2 minutes.
9. Test your print by bending the mat board slightly, if the photo pops up, re-press it.
10. Put photo under a weight for about 3-5 minutes to cool.

Shots Magazine call for entries

locally published photo magazine, great way to possibly show your work

Walking man project

I found this project that invites participation, check it out and send some photos!
This is the site

Final Project

Assignment: Final Project
Due: 4/11/10 6:30 pm

8 prints, 5 contact sheets, 100-300 word artist statement about the project.

This project is the culmination of what you have been learning and experimenting with this semester. Consequently the subject matter is open, you decide what to make a body of work about (often harder than it seems). We have seen many ways of working and creating photographs, use the mode that best suits you and your passion.

You may use an SLR, the Holga or even photograms to explore and express your vision. The key is that you create a series or group of images that relate to one another with a common theme, idea or sensibility.
All the prints are to be mounted or displayed in a finished form.
We will have individual conferences on Tuesday, April 20, where you will get a chance to talk about ideas for your project. Bring 3 ideas and support materials; sketches, contact sheets, other photographers' work to provide a visual starting point for this project.
With this assignment I will be expecting the highest level of craft so far, prints burned and dodged, correct density and contrast, no dust spots, mounting should be clean and follow guidelines. Conceptually your ideas should be sound and make a coherent body of work.

Artist Statement:
As artists and citizens it is essential to be able to express your ideas in written form, even if it is sometimes difficult to translate visual ideas on the page, there is always a conceptual thought basis for what we make. As part of the final project you are to write a 100-300 word statement explaining your project and the artistic philosophy that created it.
Give your project a title, and describe the process that you used to create and conceptualize your photographs. The statement should describe the most essential ideas of your work, without simply describing the work. Remember we will see the images with the statement so tell us what we cannot know from looking at the work.
You will hang this on the wall next to your work in the final critique, so write it for the entire class to read.
Artist statements are deceptively hard to write, so write about your project as you are shooting it, you will also find that this helps clarify ideas. Feel free to bring a rough draft to class for Juana or I to look at before it is due.

The final weeks schedule is:
April 20: Dry mounting demo, individual conferences during class.
April 27: Presentations by Amber, Allison and Brittany, Lab time
May 4: Work in Progress presentation: Bring prints you are planning to use and some extras for feedback from your classmates. You should also put your artist statement up with your pictures so we can discuss how the two relate.
May 11: 6:30-8:30 Bring your finished projects to class in a portfolio, we will get a chance to see all the final work and celebrate! Your projects will be graded and in the classroom for pickup the next day.

This final portfolio is 30% of your grade, so start now!

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