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Final Project

Assignment: Final Project
Due: 4/11/10 6:30 pm

8 prints, 5 contact sheets, 100-300 word artist statement about the project.

This project is the culmination of what you have been learning and experimenting with this semester. Consequently the subject matter is open, you decide what to make a body of work about (often harder than it seems). We have seen many ways of working and creating photographs, use the mode that best suits you and your passion.

You may use an SLR, the Holga or even photograms to explore and express your vision. The key is that you create a series or group of images that relate to one another with a common theme, idea or sensibility.
All the prints are to be mounted or displayed in a finished form.
We will have individual conferences on Tuesday, April 20, where you will get a chance to talk about ideas for your project. Bring 3 ideas and support materials; sketches, contact sheets, other photographers' work to provide a visual starting point for this project.
With this assignment I will be expecting the highest level of craft so far, prints burned and dodged, correct density and contrast, no dust spots, mounting should be clean and follow guidelines. Conceptually your ideas should be sound and make a coherent body of work.

Artist Statement:
As artists and citizens it is essential to be able to express your ideas in written form, even if it is sometimes difficult to translate visual ideas on the page, there is always a conceptual thought basis for what we make. As part of the final project you are to write a 100-300 word statement explaining your project and the artistic philosophy that created it.
Give your project a title, and describe the process that you used to create and conceptualize your photographs. The statement should describe the most essential ideas of your work, without simply describing the work. Remember we will see the images with the statement so tell us what we cannot know from looking at the work.
You will hang this on the wall next to your work in the final critique, so write it for the entire class to read.
Artist statements are deceptively hard to write, so write about your project as you are shooting it, you will also find that this helps clarify ideas. Feel free to bring a rough draft to class for Juana or I to look at before it is due.

The final weeks schedule is:
April 20: Dry mounting demo, individual conferences during class.
April 27: Presentations by Amber, Allison and Brittany, Lab time
May 4: Work in Progress presentation: Bring prints you are planning to use and some extras for feedback from your classmates. You should also put your artist statement up with your pictures so we can discuss how the two relate.
May 11: 6:30-8:30 Bring your finished projects to class in a portfolio, we will get a chance to see all the final work and celebrate! Your projects will be graded and in the classroom for pickup the next day.

This final portfolio is 30% of your grade, so start now!

Holga Assignment

this is the Holga Assignment

Holga (2 prints, 2-3 rolls)
Due April 13

We have been using a relatively accurate tool, the SLR 35mm film camera. These cameras give one predictable and repeatable results. As technology becomes more a part of our lives (digital camera, i-pods) there is less opportunity to have an experience that is uncontrolled or flawed. The Holga is a low-tech plastic camera with a plastic lens that tends to leak light and will force you to embrace serendipity and unpredictability.

The subject matter is open, so have fun!

The goal is to use a new kind of camera (one that is accessible as well, a new Holga costs about 30 bucks) with a new film format and a larger negative.

You will need to check out a Holga camera from the photo crib and you will need at least 2 rolls of 120 mm Ilford HP 5. Only use 400 ISO film with this camera.
You will also need different negative sleeves, for sale in the photo crib. Also there is a different lens to use with the enlarger that I will show you.

Good online Holga info here

pdf directions


Extra Credit!

Extra Credit
If you wish to do extra credit, you must pick an artist and date by March 30. By picking a date you are committing to do a presentation.
Available dates are April 6, 13, 20 and 27. Your presentation will take place at the beginning of class. If you fulfill all the parameters, it will add 3% to your overall grade.

Artist Presentation
• 10 minutes in length-this means no longer and no shorter, practice to make sure you can hit ten minutes, +- 30 seconds
• You should show a minimum of 20 images of the artists work.
• Keep it simple, use a black background for the slides, use minimal title slides, we want to hear you tell the story while we look at pictures. Image title captions are good. No bonus points for fancy titles or animations.
• Image quality is important, your images should be 100 ppi and 1000 pixels on the longest side.
• You will also turn in a copy of the powerpoint to me that I can put on the blog.

You will research an artist from the artist list that will be part of this post. You may choose an artist who is not on the list, but check with me first. Pick an artist by researching names on the interweb and finding images, wikipedia is also a good tool for basic info and bibliography. If you want a recommendation of an artist you can also check with Juana and I. The best way to create your presentation is with powerpoint, if you dont have access to the program there is a free web based version available at google docs.

In this presentation you will talk about the artist, their work, the process they used to make their work, influences &c. Tell us the core issues in their work, what have they said about their work, what others have said and what they are trying to accomplish.
Most artists have many different bodies of work, it is best to focus on one project or body of work rather than cover the entire breadth of their career.

All the images in the presentation should be at 100ppi and at 1000 pixels on the longest dimension. (I can cover more of the technical details for those who wish)

Most of the art and photo books are in the sub basement of the Wilson Library. You cannot browse but may request books in the online card catalog. You will need to scan from books, scanners are available in several different computer labs on campus.

scanner instructions

computer lab locations
Extra Credit.pdf

Self-Portrait images

Here is the powerpoint I showed in class.

Assignment #2 Self-Portrait

Assignment 2

Due 3/23/10

Self-Portrait (4 prints)
3 that have some part of you in the image, 1 that does not have a person in it.

6 rolls of film, contact sheets to be turned in with prints. Shoot lots of things on your rolls, you are not limited to only self-portraits.

How do you see yourself? How do others see you? How do you view yourself in the world? How can you photograph yourself in a place or landscape and by doing; claim it? How can you use a self-portrait to proclaim your idea of your image.

Make four images that show different sides to who you are. One could be how you see yourself, the other could be how you think others see you, or show yourself as someone completely different. Create a persona for yourself or reveal an aspect that no one knows. Think beyond the objects in your living space or hobbies you have.

Photograph yourself, you do not need to show your face but some part of your body, shadow or reflection must be in the photograph. The exception is one image should be a self-portrait of you without showing any part of you. How can objects, landscapes, places &c. show us something about you.

The purpose is to use what you have learned about properties of light and the camera (depth of field, motion, exposure, etc.) and create images that are compelling to the viewer and tell us something about yourself. Consider these pictures to be a series that works together as a complete portrait. Use and embrace serendipity.

Some techniques:
You will need to make sure that you know how to use the self-timer on your camera. Bring these in next week so we can make sure everything is working.
You will also need to know how to use and check out a tripod.
I can also do a demo on lights if anyone is interested.

Assignment #1 criteria

here is the criteria I was talking about today, any questions, let me know, here or via email
looking forward to seeing all the work!

(each of these get a points-1 to 5 possible)
Assignment #1- Art Shanty, snow, motion &c.

Blog post from Art Shanty-5 pts turned in on time, 2pts if late.

Fulfilled photo Criteria: 5 prints, 5 contact sheets with a wide range of subjects.

Snow, cold and breath pictures resolved creatively, evidence on contact of trying multiple ideas.

Depth of Field and Motion, fulfilled parameters creatively, shallow depth and depiction of motion.

Print craft-clean borders, easel making edge, correct density, in focus.

Effort: challenged yourself, range of ideas attempted
Originality and creativity in the images

Craft: contact sheets printed to threshold of black, full coverage of sheet (no white edges), negatives printed right reading and facing same direction.

Participation in Class: working in darkroom, coming to class and asking for feedback from Prof and TA

Participation during presentation of work.

Art Shanty

(before start, I am really sorry for writing this late, because I did not know that it is a part of assignment)
Art Shanty was one of the brand-new experience for me, as Asian, in my life. I looked up the meaning of "Shanty" before I go to the Art Shanty. I have never been anywhere else except the transit goes, and it was my first trip in Minnesota. When I get there, it was frozen lake and I could see lots of Shanties that had a lot of different decorations and items that are very unusual that caught my eyes to stay and push my shutter. There were several place that I could shoot my film.(I was expecting my pictures taken very nice, yet in reality not very nice photo)
My personal favourite shanty was Finland Shanty, because I had no ideas about Finland and their cultures. By the entrance of the Shanty, they gave each person their names in Finnish.(My name was "Joel")
Especially, I went most of the Shanties and I could not understand their purposes of some of the Shanties, for example some space ship Shanty.
At last, it was really great experience for me to see art project like this and If there is a chance next year, I will be really glad to visit again.
Yoontae Kim

Art Shanty

Kate and I made my our to this floating city on January 30th. It was a beautiful day out and we arrived around 1:30PM.
I was amazed at the turnout! There had to be a couple of hundred people out and about. Kids on skis and sleds, dogs of all shapes and sizes, couples out for a mid-day date, and a surprising amount of photographers of all ages.
My first instinct was to start shooting, but the sun was on full blast and I knew I'd get some harsh shadows if I wasn't careful so I tried to pick and choose, getting shots in the shade where possible.
The shear number of shanties was amazing! Way more than I expected. It was so busy at the time that we had a rough time getting into all but a handful. We stopped in the Dance Shanty, the FantaShanty, the Tea Shanty (forget its real name), and one other that I'm unsure of the theme.
The people were great. It had a very Minnesotan vibe, one which I haven't experienced in a while. The closest thing recently would probably have to be movies in Loring Park over the summer. Everyone was having a good time and were very happy to let me photograph them.
Before I left I ran out to the middle of the lake trying to get a shot of a guy drilling an ice hole, only to get out there when the motor died! The trip was a blast. More so than I imagined! I'd like to go again next year, but set aside more than a couple hours so I could make my way through all the shanties.

-Brandon Lattin

Shanty Town

I headed out to the art shanties two weeks ago, on a nice clear wintery day. I always enjoy being outside, and it was a perfect day to do so. I hadn't really been expecting a big production from this, in fact beforehand I was wondering how I would be able to distinguish these shanties from the other numerous ones that were surely on the same lake. Upon arriving I was surprised by the number of people there, punctuated by my inability to find a parking spot. The shanties were quite a bit more substantial and accessible than I was expecting. Although the shanties themselves were interesting, I found myself to be more focused on the area outside, and all of the people who were there enjoying themselves. It was especially surprising to see some sort of live theater performance being put on, which was attracting the biggest crowds. The atmosphere reminded me of a small scale summer carnival or fair, with everyone in seemingly good and explorative moods, which seemed somehow completely fitting despite the 15 degree weather out there that day. I think it would be safe to say the ice shanties were unlike anything I have seen before.

Art Shanties

My trip to the art shanties on Medicine Lake this Sunday was a memorable one. Although it was late and the snow and wind coming off the lake were terrible, people still seemed to be having a good time. When I first got there I was surprised by how many shanties there were, and how many different colors and shapes they came in. The first thing we happened upon was the hot dog and hot cocoa stand which regrettably was closed. Then we moved over to the Guerilla Classroom shanty, which I thought was really cool, and made our mark on it with chalk. The atmosphere of the shanties was very fun and positive, and you could hear the music and voices from the Dance shanty wherever you went. All of the shanties were so different and yet they were all exciting. The FantaShanty was one of my personal favorites, probably because of the music and the colors. I also really enjoyed the Sauna shanty and the Shop shanty. Every shanty you went to there was something new to see or learn and that was my favorite part of the whole experience. I'll definitely be coming back to the art shanties next year!

-Tessa Carlson

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