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January 18, 2007

Community Learning

All throughout high school I was really active in my community. I was involved in my Student Government committee called "community relations" where we did various acts of community service. Also, for the past 4 summers I participated in Workcamp through my church. We repaired houses for people who could not afford to do it themselves. I've participated in "Adopt a Grandparent", where I volunteered at a nursing home and visited with elderly people who didn't have family. It was so funny hanging out with this one "grandparent" that I had, because he always wanted me to kidnap him from the nursing home so that he wouldn't have to go back! I think that the reason I love to volunteer in my community and help people is because ever since I was really young my mother was always doing things for other people and brought me with her whenever she volunteered somewhere. I'm really grateful for her bringing me up that way because I think that is it extremely important to do whatever you can to help those who are less fortunate than you. Plus, the feeling you get after helping someone is such a great reward.