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I still haven't started volunteering

So I still haven't started volunteering at Children's Hospital yet. I've sent the application in though. Well we just watched the movie Our Song in class and I wrote my paper on it. I compared the movie to Pleasantville. I chose this movie because I felt it completely contrasted Our Song in almost every aspect. I didn't really like Our Song because to me it felt like a reality show and not a movie with a plot. The issues in the movie really made me think about how lucky I am to not have to live like that. I could never imagine myself having to worry about being pregnant at my age or how the girls' parents just let them do whatever they wanted. The movie really puts things into perspective and makes me think about how I may have been judging people without knowing the whole story. I feel bad for people who have to live that way and have no choice because they were raised that way and don't really know any better.