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Process of chossing where I want to volunteer at!

After listening to the different people talk about their organizations and why we should volunteer there, I had a few places in mind of where I wanted to volunteer. My number one choice is Children's Hospital because I absolutely adore children and I want to make a kid who is always in and out of the hospital and in pain all the time, feel better for the few hours that i'm there! Even though I hate seeing children sad or in pain, I really feel that I can put a smile on their faces. I'm basically a big kid myself and I love to laugh and play around, so volunteering here would be perfect for me! I didn't really want to volunteer at the homeless shelter for men or the nursing home, because I have done something similar in the past and I want to try something new. My major is undecided right now, but I do have an interest in becoming a Pediatrician and by volunteering at Children's it could help me in deciding if that is the right path for me.