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First time seeing the shelter

The orientation was purely informational and fairly short. The woman in charge was really organized and extremely helpful. After the meeting as a group we all went to the shelter to take a tour of the place. The shelter is permanently located in the basement of a church. When you first walk in you see the huge kitchen and a ton of tables where everyone eats at. Then to the left are about 6 or so computers with the internet for them to use. Next is a huge room with a ton of couches and chairs and a plasma screen tv that was all donated to them. Beyond that was the volunteer office and the room where the volunteers sleep. Also, the is a supplies closet, where the men come and stock up for the week on different toiletry items and clothing. Then, as you take a right there is a little library with three shelves of books and every bus schedule pamplet. After that room, you enter the gym where all the matresses are located. I think there are about 48 beds spaced out on the floor. To the left of the gym is the smoking room where the guys are allowed to smoke at certain hours and there is a tv in there too. Down the hallway from there are the showers, bathrooms, and laudry facilities. It was amazing that people donated all of these things and that the church is so nice to allow this to be a permanent thing.