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It was finally the day I had to go for the Simpson Housing orientation. I went online to figure out what bus I needed to take to get there. Having done that I figured I would be ok and not have to worry about the bus situation. Well I was wrong, when I got to where I thought the bus was coming to I waited forever and none of the number bus that I needed came. So panicingly (if that is even a word) I jumped in another bus to ask someone for help. I finally figured out where my bus was and got on it. Worried now that I was going to be late I bit off all of my fingernails the entire 20 some blocks that I rode the bus for. Not sure exactly where the place was I got off the bus on the street it was on and wandered a few blocks and thankfully saw the house. The place where I had the orientation was a different place from where I would actually be volunteering at. Apparently this building was donated to the organization for all the people to have offices and things like that. The house was a huge, beautiful mansion. I got to the meeting late and walked awkwardly in on 10 people at a huge conference table already discussing what they would be doing volunteering at Simpson Housing.