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Trying to volunteer at Children's

So I applied to Children's Hospital because I really love working with children and I thought that I would be really great at making a child feel better while I was visiting them and help them to forget about what they are going through in their lives. So I went to the orientation which was like two and a half hours long (they did provide yummy snacks and beverages which was great!). Anyways I didn't really think about all the different legal paperwork and rules to volunteering at a hospital. I really did learn a lot from the meeting and was looking forward to volunteering with children. So I had all three things in that needed to be in in order to start volunteering, I was just waiting for a call to schedule an interview appointment. Well I received a call, but I didn't get an appointment because the only time they had available for me to volunteer at was in the mornings and I have morning classes. So I was denied at Children's and was extremely bummed.