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What to do now!!

So I've been denied at Children's Hospital and now I have to find a new place to volunteer at. One of my issues is that I've spent so much time with the whole Children's process that I'm afraid of not being able to get enough service hours that are required for the course. So I went through the list of places and I decided I would choose Simpson Housing. It's a stay over night volunteer position and it's for 13 hours straight. I was kinda iffy about not sleeping but I figured I don't really get any sleep anyways so it shouldn't be too bad!! So I went to the website and filled out an application and sent it in. The woman in charge of the volunteers emailed me back within the next day and told me there was an orientation meeting within the next week. I was really excited that she was letting me volunteer there. So a big stress was lifted from my shoulders. But a funny thing happened the next day when my friend told me that she got a call from some lady calling about a homeless shelter. When she told me this I thought my friend wasn't paying her rent or something and couldn't afford to live in her apartment anymore and she contacted a homeless shelter or something, but what I didn't realize was that on my appliction I had to put down 4 references and she was one of them. And the lady calling was calling to ask her about what kind of a person I am. My friend told me I was lucky that she loves me because she was put on the spot having to answer a million questions about me!! I love her for saying nice things.