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Class Presentations

After listening to everyone talk about their volunteering experiences, I feel like I made the right decision volunteering at Simpson Housing. Granted I did originally want to volunteer at Childrens, I think that getting rejected from there happened for a reason. I've learned a lot from volunteering at the homeless shelter. I've never ever looked at homeless people as just bums and lazy people, but i've never really understood why they are homeless until I started volunteering at Simpson housing. A lot of the guys got into drugs and it took over their lives, but others just had really bad luck and lost their jobs and struggled finding a new one. Others, like some of the mexicans came from Mexico and wanted to find jobs here to send money back to their families, but couldn't get jobs. People don't chose to be homeless and I hate how so many people judge them and criticize them because they have no idea what they have gone through. And from my experience the people who are judging them are the people who have never had to worry about their financial situation or have ever had a job themselves, so how can they just say why dont homeless people just get a job when they themselves havn't even had one. I'm kind of venting right now, but the other day I got into an arguement with one of my friends(I really don't know why i'm friends with this person actually) about homeless people and why I volunteer at a homeless shelter and he laughed at me because he thinks that homeless people are just bums. He really hurt my feelings because I had just gotten back from volunteering and I was in a great mood and his ignorance made me really upset. I feel that it's really important to volunteer and experience things that you've never done before so that you can learn about things first hand and try to understand what it's like for people who are less fortunate than you to live. Because it's never easy.