Analyzing the New York Times article: Los Angeles Coroner Awaits Toxicology Results on Houston's Death

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The progression of the story is written as lead/summary in the first paragraph, details about Houston's body and details about the autopsy in the second paragraph, what investigators said about how she was found in the third, information about the family mourning in the fifth, and the story continues with facts about the late singer, her battles with drugs, and lastly, a quote.

This was an effective organization of the facts of the story because the information was grouped in paragraphs of relevance and each paragraph after the main, detail oriented ones, gave another fact and piece to the story as it became important.

It could have been done differently with smaller paragraphs to help the reader digest the information but it may be assumed if you choose to get your news from the New York Times, that you are able to digest large amounts of information like the paragraphs in this story.

Source: New York Times

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Nice work. Keep it up. GG

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