Multimedia Analysis

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CNN has a page devoted to video clips on their online site that viewers can flip through and see other top news stories in video format as well. These videos are paired with a title and a brief description of the news highlighted in the film. This method of text works to compliment the video because instead of reading a full news story, the reader gets a short title and lead and the video acts as the rest of the news story.

The New York Times has a multimedia section of the web page where they display a picture with a small caption, then a few sentences describing the photo. This text method also compliments the photos in the multimedia section because with the image, you are still unclear to the news but with the description of the picture and the caption, you are able to recognize the news value in that story, looking at a photograph.

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I"m glad you're keeping up with the blog. Some of the news entries could be more robust. Do your best.

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