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Numbers Analysis

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Medical News Today

Consuming Vitamin E Lowers Chance of Liver Cancer

The reporter transferred the study data into easily-read language and percentages. The numbers aren't overwhelming because there aren't more than two numbers in any paragraph. It doesn't appear that any major math was done because many of the numbers used in this article were taken directly from the study, including the number of participants and liver cancer patients.

Obituary Analysis

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This obituary was found in the New York Times.

Marion Cunningham, Home Cooking Advocate, dies at 90

The sources used in this obituary are John Carroll, a family friend, Michael Bauer, executive food editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, Ruth Reichl, author and former food critic, and Alice Waters, a fellow cook.

It has the standard obituary lead, stating the name, a short characteristic clause, and when and where she died, then her age. This lead works for this obituary.

This obituary is different from a resume because instead of a laundry list of her accomplishments, the author paired certain facts about her with anecdotes and quotes from friends and loved ones, and that touch made the obituary personal and engaging.

Speech Analysis

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The New York Daily News covered Mayor Michael Bloomberg's speech at the annual Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest in New York.

The writer included the most memorable quotes from the speech, especially when the mayor displayed a 'potty mouth.' The writer also included the puns and wordplay in the mayor's speech that made fun of the hot dog contest.

The writer also included background about the annual contest, the participants and the area.

The writer focused their speech coverage on the humor of the mayor swearing in the middle of the speech, and recalled other times the mayor swore in public.

Attribution Analysis

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This article is from the New York Daily News:

President Obama's immigration stance could pay off in key swing states, poll suggests

The reporter sourced Obama giving a speech near Orlando and a new poll showing the results of his new immigration policy in certain states.
The information from the two sources are spread throughout the story and the attribution is clear. The reporter uses quotes when sourcing Obama and uses phrases like 'poll suggests' and 'poll shows' when attributing information to poll results.

Leads Analysis

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This lead was taken from the article Plague Confirmed in Oregon Man Bitten by Stray Cat written on ABC News:

Health officials have confirmed that an Oregon man has the plague after he was bitten while trying to take a dead rodent from the mouth of a stray cat.

This is an example of a general news story lead that is short and goes immediately to the action of the news story. This lead works to give the who (man), the what (confirmed to have the plague), the where (Oregon) and the why (from the bite of a stray cat) of the story without great detail.

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