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Seven dead in shooting of Sikh temple

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A gunman killed six and wounded three at a Sikh temple in a Wisconsin suburb Sunday, according to Reuters.

The gunman was described by witnesses as a white man, who entered the Sikh temple through the kitchen, where women were preparing food. Oak Creek Police Chief John Edwards said the Federal Bureau of Investigations is overseeing the probe into shootings.

The New York Times reports the shooting ended after the gunman shot a police officer several times, then was shot and killed by another officer in the parking lot.

The three wounded victims were admitted to Froedtert Hospital and are being treated for a shot to the head, one to the abdomen and one for neck injuries, said Nalissa Wienke, hospital spokeswoman.

One bridge-bombing suspect pleads guilty

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One of the five suspects in the Ohio bridge bombing plead guilty Wednesday, and is ready to cooperate and testify against the four remaining suspects, according to federal officials.

As reported by Businessweek, Anthony Hayne, plead guilty to all three counts he faced after he was indicted in May for plans to bomb a bridge in Sagamore Hills, Ohio.

Michael O'Shea, Hayne's attorney, said in a phone interview, "He decided that he wanted to take responsibility for his individual actions in this case."

The Los Angeles Times reports Mike Tobin, spokesman for the federal prosecutor's office, said in exchange for his guilty plea, he agreed to testify against the others facing various charges in relation to plans to blow up the a national park bridge.

Federal officials said the men were plotting the attack in celebration of May Day.

Tobin told the Times Hayne's was facing life in prison but agreeing to testify against the others lessened his possible sentence to 15 to 19 years.

The Denver Post reports Aurora bomb experts deactivated a trip wire in the apartment of the movie theater shooting suspect, James Holmes.

Aurora Police Department's Sgt. Cassidee Carlson told the Post, "We have been successful in defeating our first threat. This is some serious stuff they're dealing with."

After Holmes was taken into custody Friday morning following the shooting, his apartment building at 1690 Paris St. was evacuated.

According to the Washington Post, local and federal bomb experts disabled and 'tripwire' and an 'incendiary device' set up close to the entrance of Holmes' apartment. Sgt. Carlson said they were rigged to kill the first person to walk into the apartment.

The process of disarming Holmes' apartment is said to happen in three phases to combat the three types of explosions rigged inside. Officials said the authorities hope to have all three steps disarmed by the end of Saturday.

Washington Monument repairs may keep it closed until 2014

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WASHINGTON - The damage to the Washington Memorial, caused by a 5.8 magnitude earthquake last August, may take until 2014 to repair.

The Washington Post reports the National Park Service announced that the damages to the monument will require the exterior and part of the interior to be shrouded in scaffolding.

Robert A. Vogel, superintendent of the Park Service's National Mall and Memorial Parks, told the Post that the project also may require temporary removal of some of the plaza's flagpoles and benches.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, engineers determined the heaviest damage is between 475 feet and 530 feet of the 555-foot structure, and that panels from top to bottom are damaged.

Vogel also told the AJC that the firm estimate for the repair of the project is $15 million and reopening the monument as soon as possible will remain a top priority.

New Job Education available to veterans

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The Daily Ardmoreite reports that the U.S. Department of Labor is pushing for unemployed veterans to receive benefits through the Veterans' Retraining Assistance Program.

This program is a job education program that targets unemployed veterans between 35 and 60 years of age and will cover education training for these veterans in high-demand jobs.

ABC News
reported more than 27,000 unemployed veterans have applied and over 13,000 have been accepted.

Colorado's heat worsens wildfires

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The Washington Post reports the latest wildfires in Colorado were caused by nearly a week of 100-degree days and low humidity, which takes moisture from grass, plants and trees, causing major wildfires.

U.S. Forest Service spokesman Steven Segin told the Post, "When it's that hot, it just dries the fuels even more. That can make the fuels explosive."

According to Reuters, Tuesday's wildfire prompted the evacuation of 7,000 people as the hot winds pushed the flames north.

Fire retardant was dropped onto the wildfire path from air tankers. There were no homes destroyed in the fire, Reuters reports.

Man not charged for killing his daughter's attacker

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The Chicago Tribune reports no charges will be brought against a Texas father who killed a man for attempting to molest his 5-year-old daughter, officials said.

The father admitted to Lavaca County Sheriff Micah Harmon and Texas Ranger that after hearing his daughter's screams, he ran to find her being attacked by Jesus Flores, then beat Flores to death, authorities said.

According to the New York Times, prosecutors said the grand jury and the police agreed after a review of the evidence that the father was authorized to use deadly force to protect his daughter.

JetBlue passengers sue airline and pilot

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NEW YORK - A group of passengers on a JetBlue flight last March filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the airline and pilot for erratic behavior.

According to CNN, the lawsuit accused JetBlue of gross negligence for allowing an unfit Capt. Clayton Osborne to fly. The lawsuit was filed in New York State Supreme Court in Queens.

The Associated Press
reports that Osborn faces federal charges of interfering with a flight crew and his conviction could result in a sentence of up to 20 years in prison.

New York Daily News
reported the flight Las Vegas flight was diverted to Amarillo, Texas, after yelling obscenities throughout the cabin. The suit quoted Osborne saying, "Say your prayers... We're going down...There's a bomb on board"

It is reported a spokesperson from JetBlue declined to comment.

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