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April 23, 2008

Making Signs

Today was probably the most fun I had volunteering all semester. I was given the opportunity to design several different signs for a career and college fair that South High was hosting. I enjoyed doing this because it allowed me to be creative and plus a lot of students helped me and the signs turned out really cool. I liked this day the most so far because it was less serious than most of the days. Most days I am working with students and helping them decide basically the rest of their lives which is a pretty serious topic. Today was different because I got to kick back and have some fun with the kids.

April 3, 2008

Another Title Page

I really liked these face images I found on flickr so I decided to make another random title page, I think it's pretty cool.
Download file

Title Pages

This is my last title page I worked on but my favorite which is why I put it first. I think I like it better because instead of just shape I used some interesting images I found on the internet and I like it a lot. I modified some of the images and the text in Adobe Illustrator to make them look a little more interesting.
Download file