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May 7, 2008

The Last Day :(

Today was a pretty uninteresting day. When I arrived, Anne the coordinator of the career and college center was printing a ton of stuff so I helped her keep everything organized and kept the chaos at the printer to a minimum. After we were done printing probably over 100 pages we stapled everything together and organized them into to different piles. For some reason there wasn't very many kids coming in and out of the career and college center today so there was not a whole lot of interaction on that level. However I did help one girl find some financial aid forms and told her a couple of websites to visit for scholarships. It probably was not very busy due to the fact that it is the end of the year and most students have already decided on where they want to go to college and or have career options lined up. After I assisted the one student I helped Anne enter information in the computer by reading off names to her. This was probably least enjoyable days of my volunteer experience because there was very little interaction with the kids.

Presentation Blog

The first presentation I saw in discussion was a project based off of a website which I thought was an interesting concept. Not only did they have a website they also provided a well designed booklet to advertise their website and hopefully get more visitors and spread the knowledge that they have discovered. This groups project was about the millennium goal, which focused on ensuring environmental stability throughout the world. They talked about topics like decreasing or use of fossil fuels and ways to reduce the 2.2 million tons of electronic waste that there is in the world. I was amazed by the amount of electronic waste we have, 2.2 million tons, where does all of that waste go. They also spoke about the need for large-scale “green� renovations throughout the world. This renovations included things like using energy efficient appliances, having a personal garden, wearing bamboo clothing, use of bio-fuels and hybrid cars. The one that I found most interesting was having your own personal garden. I liked this idea a lot because it seems pretty simple and it also decrease the amount of chemicals and pesticides used by massive farms, which in turn improves the quality of our environment in so many ways.

The next presentation/topic I found interesting was the group that focused on millennium goal one which was eradicating extreme poverty and hunger. I liked this group’s idea of improving areas of extreme poverty by improving their social infrastructure via the use of a radio. I thought this was interesting because radio use seems so primitive that you don’t think it could possibly work. But when you think about it the areas of extreme poverty have poor education levels and radio use is a very simple technology for them to understand. Once the begin learning how to perfect the use of radio they can move on to better technology more complex forms of communication and technology. Even though we think computer use and technology is simple this may not be true in other cultures and we have to keep this fact in mind. Sometimes simple is better and if their culture moves on to better more complex technology in the future that’s great but simple technology may be the first step in this process. I liked the idea of Radio use because it’s extremely versatile and adaptable to the needs of different cultures and economies but in the end it improves a cultures social infrastructure and makes communicating and spreading knowledge easier and more efficient which in turn will hopefully improve the economic well being of that society or culture.