May 7, 2008

The Last Day :(

Today was a pretty uninteresting day. When I arrived, Anne the coordinator of the career and college center was printing a ton of stuff so I helped her keep everything organized and kept the chaos at the printer to a minimum. After we were done printing probably over 100 pages we stapled everything together and organized them into to different piles. For some reason there wasn't very many kids coming in and out of the career and college center today so there was not a whole lot of interaction on that level. However I did help one girl find some financial aid forms and told her a couple of websites to visit for scholarships. It probably was not very busy due to the fact that it is the end of the year and most students have already decided on where they want to go to college and or have career options lined up. After I assisted the one student I helped Anne enter information in the computer by reading off names to her. This was probably least enjoyable days of my volunteer experience because there was very little interaction with the kids.

April 23, 2008

Making Signs

Today was probably the most fun I had volunteering all semester. I was given the opportunity to design several different signs for a career and college fair that South High was hosting. I enjoyed doing this because it allowed me to be creative and plus a lot of students helped me and the signs turned out really cool. I liked this day the most so far because it was less serious than most of the days. Most days I am working with students and helping them decide basically the rest of their lives which is a pretty serious topic. Today was different because I got to kick back and have some fun with the kids.

March 6, 2008

Posting Signs

Today when I arrived like Anne promised there was a classroom full of over twenty kids working on the computers in the Career Center. I enjoyed this because I got to work hands on with the kids and didn’t have to file cabinets for multiple hours. Today the kids were working on filing out a Myers-Brigg survey and a skill inventory that would help to tell them what kind of personality types they had and what skills they were best at. These surveys can be very helpful because they tell you what kind of jobs you may be interested in which can be really useful in selecting a major that you want to pursue. This is helpful because if you know what kind of major you want to pursue in high school then you can pick a college that you know specializes in what your trying to learn. After helping the kids with their surveys. I went around the school and posted signs for a career and college fair that was coming up. I really enjoyed volunteering today because I felt like I was really helping the kids and giving them useful advise that they can use in the future when selecting what college they want to attend or what career they want to pursue in life.

February 20, 2008

First Day Volunteering

On my first day at Achieve! Career and College Center at South High School I organized a lot files for Anne the coordinator of the center. It is Anne’s first year at South High School and she inherited, to say kindly, some very unorganized filing cabinets of hundreds of different colleges across the United States. Although this wasn’t that much fun I really did feel like I was helping the kids who visit the career and college center. By organizing these files in a neat way it gives the kids the ability to find a plethora of information about almost any college in the United States. Finding the right information about potential colleges they might want to attend is crucial in their decision-making and can possibly affect the rest of their lives. So even though organizing these files was tedious and boring it needed to be done and I felt like I was really helping the kids that visit the center by doing it. To my relief Anne said I would not be organizing files every time I volunteered and assured me that I would most likely get to work with a classroom full of kids the next time I visited.