May 4, 2008

Great job to everyone

Wow. Again the presentation on Thursday really surprised me. ALL of the EBOs were very unique and it is great that in a room with 50+ students we can all use our creativity to create so many unique and impressive ideas. I thought the last group doing the IMmediate (? I believe it was something close to that) had the best presentation in terms of the presenters' energy.

Overall, I am glad I got to experience this project. I was dreading doing it when I read about it earlier in the year but once you sit down with your group and vocalize your ideas, progress, and then see the the completion of everyone's hard work, it is very satisfying. Great job all around, I believe.

April 30, 2008

EBO presentation thoughts

I was impressed with all the presentations yesterday and how different they were from each other. When our group was in the brainstorming process, and even through the rest of the project we were always trying to come up with questions the panel and Doug would ask but it isn't until you hear on the day that you realize a bunch of questions you did not think of, even if you have an answer for them.
For the therapy through second life idea, at first I thought it was a stretch, but there research and delivery was so good that through the presentation I began to see how and why it could work.

Having an idea is one thing, but the ability to present that idea well is the most important part.

April 28, 2008

EBO chuggin' along

Today is the day to finalize our EBO project. I believe everyone in the team is pretty excited and pleases with how it turned out. It is fun to think back to our first brainstorming meeting and how it transformed into the final product. It was a great experience. Now all I have to do is make sure I do not forget what I am going to say tomorrow.

The Weisman Experience

I enjoy going to the Weisman. Having once envisioned myself as going to college as a starving artist when I took AP art in high school, I have always had an invested interest in art, sketching, drawing, graffiti, graphic design, and that whole right-side of the brain type stuff. I only wish that they would circulate their artwork more often, as it has not changed since I went there for the Bob Dylan exhibit last Spring semester. As it is free and a great opportunity to experience the various avenues of reflections of life, I would definitely go there more if the artwork was continuously updated more than once or twice a year. I didn't mind, however, experiencing the awesome apartment exhibit for the 3rd time. I absolutely love how the piece harnesses all 6 senses into the entire experience. How great would it be if the artist built an entire interactive apartment complex art piece? It would really give the illusion a 3d aspect as once you enter your mind would not become detached since the piece would be in every direction.
I was disappointed that they did not have the intial Weisman concept art on display in the left area of the building. During the opening presentation the speaker said they were on display, but when I searched the area they were no where to be found. Although I do not like the finished bldg, I enjoy seeing the process and how one can imagine the artist thoughts as the piece was transformed into the final product. Wrapping your mind around that process is truly inspirational.

Peter Stilson – Internet Broadcasting Company

I am immensely surprised at how many major national and international companies started out in Minneapolis. There is more than just a handful, and I wish I knew this information sooner. The newest addition to my limited knowledge on these companies is: Internet Broadcasting Company. IB is almost like graphic design for the televisual, fusing aesthetics and design with business know-how in order to not only connect advertisers with their target audiences online but also bring those audiences accurate, relevant local information in a visually pleasing, easily navigatable way ; this is truly an intersection of business and technology that brings about innovation. To visualize such a business and see the potential in starting it up you definitely need to see outside the box. I applaud Mr. Stilson for seeing potential in such a market. With increasing potential in advertising on the internet I do not doubt that Internet Broadcasting Company will continue to succeed in such a constantly and rapidly growing market.

It's unfortunate that since I have class immediately after IDSC3001 I cannot stick around and speak with any of presenters. It is really a great opportunity (and one of the only) where you can engage with such distinguished and successful individuals.

April 11, 2008

Tom Turchet

Tom said that if he talked the whole time the lecture would long and boring. However, I thought it was very insightful. I had no previous knowledge of the economic state in Canada and I am glad I learned something. He was a very engaging guest lecturer. Although we talked mostly about Canada and America, I was curious (and I didn't get to ask the question because it seemed a little off topic) to know about his challenges in not only satisfying/providing (software) solutions across different industries, a great task in and of itself, but also across different countries with different cultures (Canada, US, and South America). If would have been interesting to find out about his IBM ventures, advantages/opportunites/challenges in that marketplace. I was going to ask him after class, but there was a long line of students and I had class at 2:15. Maybe next time.

keep on tryin', Doug

I know you had a hard time with a couple multi-syllabic words on Tuesday, but given your track record for all previous classes this semester I say to you, "keep on tryin'." You are doing a great job and no multiple tongue-tied instances are going to lower any single student's opinion of you as a teacher, including myself. I hear, "Faculty of the Year!" echoing off the walls of the classroom. Keep up the great work!

April 8, 2008


The EBO Project is going well. My group is solid and we have worked very well at discussing ideas and being honest and critical with what has been thrown out so far. I am looking forward to the end result. We have been successful at building our idea little by little each meeting. Today before class we are going to meet to smooth acouple rough edges. I am sure all will go well.

March 31, 2008


I am feeling pretty confident about the EBO project. Although I do not know the members in my group well at this point, everyone seems to have a solid head and seriousness about our objectives. Now all we have to do is think OUTSIDE the box...But I can't open the door. I think I'm locked in...

March 26, 2008

5 dolla' bill

What a great session! I treated myself to a massive helping of soup and sub at Erbert & Gerbert's with that $5 I rightfully deserved. Just kidding, for some part of that statement. I admit I did not actually answer a question but I do find solace in the fact that I new a portion of the answers off the bat. I raised my hand once but someone beat me to it but they were on my team so it evens out. Although Doug said the Jeopardy! powerpoint was not on WebCT I thought he meant "as of now, no, but it will be posted later" so I did not take notes. I would have if I knew they would not be posted at all. Any chance we can work around this Doug? (*I go down on my knees and simultaneously type this sentence while keeping my hands folded in prayer, hoping that Doug will understand that some students misunderstood his statement and will take pity on them) Worth a shot, right?
DB and DBMS is boring and although the article on BI covered some of the same ground it was presented in much more "absorbable" wording. When I woke up I had data coming out of my pores.

March 17, 2008

IDSC3001 3.13

What a fun lecture! I was looking to rock the Cheerios matching hat and shirt.
I admit I would have liked to trade in my instant brownie mix for some nature valley bars but who's complaining? It was free. It is good to know that despite your degree, if you can get into a company and apply yourself, a career can take you well beyond and even in a different direction than your major. With technological standards within the infrastructure of a company as well as technology creating competitive advantage, no matter what your major or job maybe technology will be an integrated element.
That virtual store model was awesome. It's like a Second Life application. I'm sure the ability to create virtual stores and displays and then play around with the possibilities opens up room for new ideas and creativity when dealing with the display element of GM products, which is a main element in the success of the company. I wonder how long their competitive advantage will become a standard for the industry, which it will.
On a flavorful note, I went to Cub and bought a yoplait and dannon yogurt and I have to say yoplait was much more delicious. Way to go, GM!

IDSC3001 3.11

After of interesting discussion on security I remembered I just had an interview for a job in Chicago and immediately locked up my facebook account. Although I do not have as memorable a picture as some shown in class, the reality of the current state of communication, technology, and networking does call for one to be as careful with what they put online as they are with locking there house to protect their tangible belongings, etc. After that class I am definitely in a state of paranoia about certain sites and suspicious emails more so than I should be. I do have to update my antivirus software. I waited awhile and now I am thankful this class discussion pushed me over the edge into reality. Thank you.

March 12, 2008

IDSC3001 3.6

There has got to be amazing perks for flying when you hold a high position within an airline company. Going to see races in China (I think it was Shanghai)? Awesome. If I was his son I would be traveling around the world all day every day. You name it. If I had a long weekend I would book a flight to Brazil or Korea, anywhere. I don't mind long flights or travel in general. Even if I only had a good day to look around I would not care. I would love to see the world. Obviously there is more to it than just hopping on a plane anytime you want, but still.

As for the lecture in general, real impressive stuff. I liked what was brought to the table. A very interesting, comprehensive lecture. I wouldn't mind another on all the stories I'm sure he has heard/experienced. Definitely an interesting outlook from the other side.

March 6, 2008

IDSc 3001. 3.4.

Ouch! That test hurt pretty bad. I was having a great run with projects, too. If what Doug says is true then I will just have to keep at the class, participate, and focus on effort. I can do that.
Web 2.0 has really opened the doors for the common person. The focus is on personalization, interaction, and communication has opened up so much opportunity for people to connect and live the possibilities are endless.
A couple times I have come across a site that I end up loving and wonder why I never found out about it or heard about it sooner.

IDSc 3001.2.28

Wow that test kicked my ass. Since I did not know the format I studied what I thought was important and unfortunately I completely overlooked lists. Many questions were list specific. I mostly studied concepts and for the life of me could not remember most of the information of lists of things. There were 2 questions were I did not list anything. I am sure I got 15 -20 points on just those 2 questions. It is funny to think that if I had an extra 15 minutes to memorize the lists from those 2 questions I could be 15-20 points up. Damn. Next time I will be ready.