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5 dolla' bill

What a great session! I treated myself to a massive helping of soup and sub at Erbert & Gerbert's with that $5 I rightfully deserved. Just kidding, for some part of that statement. I admit I did not actually answer a question but I do find solace in the fact that I new a portion of the answers off the bat. I raised my hand once but someone beat me to it but they were on my team so it evens out. Although Doug said the Jeopardy! powerpoint was not on WebCT I thought he meant "as of now, no, but it will be posted later" so I did not take notes. I would have if I knew they would not be posted at all. Any chance we can work around this Doug? (*I go down on my knees and simultaneously type this sentence while keeping my hands folded in prayer, hoping that Doug will understand that some students misunderstood his statement and will take pity on them) Worth a shot, right?
DB and DBMS is boring and although the article on BI covered some of the same ground it was presented in much more "absorbable" wording. When I woke up I had data coming out of my pores.