Assignment 4

Hello my name is Anna and I am a freshman at CSOM at UMNTC. I plan on majoring in International Business and Marketing with a minor in Italian Studies. I hope that I will be able to get this all done in four years. The classes that I am taking right now are Microeconomics, Calculus 1271, Italian 1001 and Writing 1301 or freshman writing. I absolutely love my Italian class and I plan on studying abroad during my junior year. At first I didn't like my econ class, but it started growing on me-and I am really fond of the new material we are doing on demand curves, so much more interesting than supply.

I like watching movies and seeing theater. My favorite musical is The Light in the Piazza. I did theater all throughout high school, but decided that it was too much of a time commitment for college. I also really like to read and write. I write mostly letters and short stories and I love reading everything from Dickins to Jonathan Safran Foer to Hemmingway to Johnathan Kozol. I would like to think that I am well read, however I have a notebook full of titles that I someday want to read.