August 28, 2005

Fresh Starts

It never fails, as a new semester begins there's a wonderful atmosphere of potential. The opportunity to make new best friends, the chance that you'll finally meet the perfect girl and you'll hang on to her with all your might, the promise that the day will finally come when the caliber of your character is tested and you excel just like you always knew you would.

The other thing that never fails is that two weeks in to the year I fall into my routine and school is once again this monotonous entity that sucks all the promise and life away. I hope that this isn't the same for all of you, but if it is I emplore you to do something everyday that no one expects, sometihng fun, crazy, bizarre, impractical, just to do it. What I expect you'll find is that in doing these highly improbible things you'll always have a fresh view going into each day and that will maintain that feeling of possiblity and potential for something great to happen!

Posted by plat0088 at 2:44 AM