Week 7: Animal Trans

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After reading Animals Trans, Queer Ecology, and How to Queer Ecology: One Goose at a Time. I decided to talk to some of my co-workers about what they knew about animal Trans and how they viewed ecology. I found it very interesting how little they knew about what animals are transsexuals, but they like me before these articles were kept in the dark by the social norms. It made me remembered while I was in school the examples of animals that they would tell us to be like. The examples that came to mind were of course the goose that was brought up in Queer Ecology: One Goose at a Time, and the other would be wolves. I find it funny that they would teach us that wolves are single pair-bonds because that has long since been proven false, but yet as a culture we still cling to this idea that wolves committee to a single monogamous pairs. I find that fact alone to be very revealing because it shows how committed our culture is at trying to maintain the false idea that we are the norm by committing to a single mate for the rest of our lives.

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