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Rollover accident in Dakota County injures four

In an article by the Pioneer Press about a rollover accident in Hampton, the reporter mainly just used the State Patrol for her sources. There was also one attribution credited to the report she was using to get information. The story was pretty small, so the attribution were all close together but also went throughout the entire story. The reporter sets up the attribution by writing the information she gathered and then says the source with said/reported/etc. after she credits the source. I think that her attribution were effective but more information could have been gathered, and by other sources, to make her story have "more to it."

Gopher receiver won't be on field Saturday, may be permanent

The suspension of Minnesota Gophers junior wideout Troy Stoudermire has turned into something bigger for the receiver.

Wednesday night the receiver posted a statement on his Facebook page saying that he was going to transfer to a "top d-1 school" where he will be appreciated as a person and player, the Pioneer Press reported.

Although, Andy Seeley, spokesman for the Gophers football team, said that Stoudermire had not informed the Gophers of his decision, and the post on his Facebook was later removed after several hours, acccording to the Star Tribune.

Family of I-35W crash victim suing

After a horrific Interstate 35W crash in Lakeville last May that killed a pregnant woman and sent millions of bees flying, Pamela Brinkhaus' family has now filed a lawsuit for wrongful death against the Reinhart Foodservice, according to a report by the Pioneer Press.

Reinhart Foodservice is the employer of Jason Styrbicky, 36, who was driving the truck filled with millions of bees.

Styrbicky's truck was reportedly going 68 miles an hour at the time of impact and shows there was no attempt to breaks, reports.

The state patrol is still investigating the crash, so criminal charges will not be released until they finish the investigation.

Michelle Obama, Nickelodeon shutting down network on Saturday

As part of Nickelodeon's "Worldwide Day of Play", first lady Michelle Obama and the network will shutdown Nickelodeon, Nicktoons, Nick Jr., and TeenNick - along with each of their websites - in an effort to get kids out and be more active, according to an article by the Examiner.

The networks and their websites will be shutdown for three hours on Saturday starting at noon EST.

Helping out Obama's "Let's Move" campaign, Nick will contribute time, public service announcement, and $50,000 to schools and community groups, reported the Associated Press.

FBI raids Minneapolis, Chicago-area homes

Eight homes in the Minneapolis (6) and Chicago (2) area were raided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation Friday as part of a terrorism investigation. The FBI is targeting leaders of an anti-war movement, the Associated Press reported.

In Minneapolis, a warrant was executed at the home of Mick Kelly, who was an active member in the Republican National Convention escapades in August 2008. Kelly is also a leader in the anti-war movement, according to the Pioneer Press.

There have been no arrests.

Mexican mayor murdered by drug cartel gunmen

A Mexican mayor was shot Sunday near Monterrey, Mexico by a gunmen, who work for a drug cartel, according to the New York Times.

Marco Antonio Leal was driving through his rural hometown of Hidalgo when the gunmen shot him through S.U.V.'s. Leal's 4-year-old daughter was also in the vehicle, being slightly injured.

The Associated Press reports that this is the fourth mayor to be murdered in just over a month in northern Mexico.

Lead analysis

In a story by the Pioneer Press about bomb charges being dropped to a teenage boy, I felt the lead worked out for the type of story that it was. The story was hard news, but it was a follow-up of a previous story that had been surfaced already.

The lead had the who, what, and where included, and I felt it also left enough out that it made people want to continue to read the story (even though the story itself is interesting enough without the perfect lead). This lead detailed the 'what' in the lead, which I think was a good idea because people who may have not heard the earlier story would not have known enough to want to read on. The who was fairly general, but I think, and from what we learned in class, that it was not necessary to specifically say the individuals involved in the lead. Ultimately, I felt that all of the information in the lead was necessary, enough, interesting and appropriate.

Minnesota unemployment equivalent to Nation's

Minnesota's unemployment rate rose to 7 percent in August, even after adding 600 jobs that same month, the Pioneer Press reported.

Hope sparked in the U.S. when private employers were able to hire more workers than anticipated in August, but the unemployment rate also had slightly risen from 9.5 percent in July to 9.6 percent in August, according to MSNBC.

Most jobs added in Minnesota, however, came from factories needing temporary employees. Universities, colleges, and health clinics were also in the mix.

I-35W Bridge Memorial underway

According to the Associated Press, Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak agreed with architects on a design for the I-35W bridge memorial Thursday, Sept. 9.

The memorial will include 13 pillars, a combination of stone, water, and light to remember and celebrate the lives of the 13 victims in the Aug. 1, 2007 bridge collapse. The memorial will also serve to praise the individuals who risked their lives and were injured to help save others' lives, said a story from Minnesota Public Radio.

Construction is hoped to be finished by next August, the fourth anniversary of the incident.

Lake Elmo homicide suspects arrested

Two teen men linked to a robbery last Thursday in Lake Elmo, Minn. have been arrested on suspicion of killing a man, according to the Pioneer Press.

Dao Xiong, 19, is being held at a Washington County jail for second degree murder and Keng Thao, 19, for aiding and abetting, reports local TV station KSTP.

The incident was a result of a robbery and was not random, said Washington County commander Daniel Starry.

BP Oil Well to be pumped with cement

BP oil company has started to pump cement back into the companies well stationed in the Gulf of Mexico, for good, according to an Associated Press reporter.

The well was previously sealed with cement when it blew, but a press release by BP said that the nitrogen-cement foam was unstable and could not handle the well's conditions.

The company had been using mud along with cement, but now will just use cement.

They expect the Gulf of Mexico well to be completely sealed by Saturday.

5 Arrested in London while Pope Benedict XVI is in town

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British police arrested five men Friday morning on terrorism charges related to Pope Benedit XVI's stay in London, according to the New York Times
Details of the arrest have not said if they were a direct threat to the Pope, but a Vatican spokesman was pleased with the police officers' execution.

"We can say that we are totally confident in the work of the police, of Scotland Yard," she told Euro News.

Police and the Pope said that there would be no changes with his schedule while he is in London.

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