Lakeland teen death a murder-suicide

| 1 Comment and both covered the story on the Lakeland teen deaths, but WCCO had links to click on the news coverage of it, suicide prevention links, and they also had the students' pictures. just had the story and the students' pictures. They didn't include a broadcast link with the story. Fox9 did have other links throughout the story for 'Humphries Park' and 'text messages'. Fox9 also included stories one might be interested that relate to that particular story beneath the Lakeland story. They both had ways to contact the network about the story whether it be emails or comment boxes. WCCO's story is a lot longer and gives more detail from different types of sources such as comments from family members and the sheriff's office. It also gives the visitation and funeral information. WCCO also includes ways to help someone who may be at risk for suicide and ways to prevent it. Fox9 just gives the basic story.

1 Comment

Lexi: I'm not seeing any categories. You have to go back and categorize these stories. Unless I'm missing something, you're not doing this. So it's difficult for me to find the analysis plus the variety of stories you are supposed to do.

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