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A Portland, Ore.-area teen was taken into custody Friday after attempting a plot to bomb the Christmas tree-lighting ceremony in Pioneer Courthouse Square, the Portland Tribune reported.

Mohamed Osman Mohamud, a naturalized U.S. citizen from Somalia, had been watched for months as his alleged bomb threat was developing.

The Pioneer Press reports the FBI said Mohamud had previously said he wanted to kill Americans.

Mohamud will be charged Monday in Portland's federal court. Mohamud could face a maximum sentence of life in prison and a $250,000 fine if he is guilty, the Portland Tribune reports.

Woman found in Mississippi river still unidentified

A woman's body found in the Mississippi river more than a month ago still has not been identified, according to the Pioneer Press.

According to the Ramsey County medical examiner's office, the woman died of freshwater drowning. Chief Investigator Don Gorrie said the manner of the drowning has not been determined.

Police said an employee of St. Paul Yacht Club noticed the woman's body Oct. 14 in branches, the Associated Press reported.

The woman is described as a likely African American with short hair, age 16-40, 5 feet and 11 inches tall, and about 170 pounds.

Analysis: cultural group

In a story about crime in Mexico, I asked a student named Alex, who is half Mexican, if he think that portrays a bad image on the Mexican culture. He said he doesn't believe so, particularly because Mexicans are not targeted heavily on the crime issue on America. He also said it is in Mexico, and there are Americans who commit crime in America, so it happens everywhere in every culture and country. He also said since it involved the U.N. and drugs that it made it a bigger story than it would normally have been.

General Mills makes changes

General Mills has purchased Mountain High Yoghurt it said Friday, the Pioneer Press reported.

The yogurt is all natural and sold in the western United States. The terms were not disclosed.

Along with its new purchase, General Mills is working towards becoming healthier in various aspects.

The Star Tribune reports General Mills announced Friday that the company has boosted whole grains, cut sugar and made other healthy changes to products worth 1/4 of the company's U.S. sales.

Obama sets eyes on withdrawal date

President Obama said Saturday in Lisbon that he hopes to start relieving troops from Afghanistan by July.

Obama spoke at the two-day NATO summit where he spoke about his transition out of Afghan goals, which he wants complete by 2014, the Washington Post reported.

Pakistan backed the NATO timeline but cautioned the timeline because of security concerns.

Pakistan is crucial for the U.S. because its border areas are sanctuaries, and training grounds for al Qaeda and the Taliban, Reuters reported.

Some NATO countries are planning to start giving up security responsibility according to a timeline like Obama's. The Netherlands already have, and Canada is planning on changing from combat to training roles.

88-year-old Orange County man arrested

An 88-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of shooting his 86-year-old wife in a California nursing home, the Associated Press reported.

Clara Laird was found dead in her bed after being shot to death.

Seal Beach police Sgt. Steve Bowles said they found Laird with a single gunshot wound to the head. Roy Charles Laird was found sitting in a chair with a revolver in his pocket.

Roy Charles Laird was arrested at the scene, and he did not resist custody, ABC Orange County reported.

Extremely icy roads not a part of Minnesota weather norms

Minnesotans should be used to cautious driving conditions, but the freezing rain this weekend allowed for an exception.

The Minnesota State Patrol responded to 376 crashes between 10 p.m. on Saturday and noon on Sunday from the Metro area. They responded to a total of 438 crashes statewide, KSTP reported.

Nearly 80 crashes involved injuries, with one fatality near Litchfield.

The woman who died was Kimberly A. Mead, 44, of Willmar, Minn. She was ejected from the vehicle she was in and died at the scene, the Pioneer Press reported.

There were also 135 spinouts reported. More than 200 crews laid salt, sand, and liquid Sunday to prevent such icy roads.

UW-Stout student charged

A University of Wisconsin - Stout student has been charged with three felonies in relation to a March accident he was involved with.

Isaac W. Storandt, 24, was charged Friday with two counts of homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle in the death of Michael J. Dixon, 24, also a University of Wisconsin-Stout student, which took place last spring, the Pioneer Press reports. Storandt's third charge was felony homicide by negligent operation of a vehicle.

Storandt's blood alcohol level was .12. Wisconsin's legal limit is .08.

Storandt hit Dixon, who was from Minnesota, shortly after midnight on March 12, The Dunn County News reported.

Dixon died 11 days after being hit from pneumonia, the Pioneer Press reported.

The Dunn County examiner also said Dixon died from respiratory failure.

Snowstorm causes multiple issues

In a story by the Star Tribune about the power outages, accidents, and cars towed in relation to the Saturday snowstorm, the reporter uses numbers in a variety of ways. One, to tell how many people are left without power. Two, how many people were working to fix the issue. Three, how many cars were impounded. And finally, how many inches of snow there were.

I didn't think the numbers were overwhelming because they got to the point and told the reader the news. There were not any unnecessary numbers used.

The sources of these numbers would be from the tow truck companies, meteorologists, and listings from the energy companies to find out how many people were left without energy.

Man, woman arrested in relation to St. Paul murder

St. Paul police have arrested two people Sunday in relation to the murder of a man in St. Paul's east side last week, the Pioneer Press reported.

Nicholas T. Anderson, 26, is being held in the Ramsey County Law Enforcement Center on suspicion of murder.

Megan R. Lockhart, 31, is being held on suspicion of aiding and abetting the slaying of Joseph John Sanchez.

Investigators believe Sanchez and Anderson knew each other previously and were involved in an altercation.

People nearby during the shooting told police they heard 11 shots, but police just say Sanchez was shot multiple times, KSTP reported.

Police are not searching for additional suspects.

Mexican resort blast leaves injuries, some dead

Six killed, 15 injured in a Mexico resort explosion.

The Associated Press reports a supposed accumulation of gas caused a Caribbean coast resort to explode Sunday.

Four of the dead have been identified as Canadian tourists. Names of the victims were not released.

BBC reported the Mexican army and police have blocked off the resort.

Human remains found in Hennepin County park identified

A body found in Elm Creek Park Reserve in Dayton has been identified, the Pioneer Press reported.

The body of Christopher Cox, 26, of Champlin was found Friday afternoon by a man who was walking in the park. The remains were about 400 yards from the parking lot.

Officials said the man died from a shotgun wound to the head, KARE11 reported. The body had been in the park for months.

The Hennepin County sheriff's office is investigating the case.

Federal officer's rifle, body armor stolen from his vehicle

A federal officer's car was broken into, and his gun and body armor are now missing, the Pioneer Press reports.

The vehicle was unmarked.

The car was parked in a single-family home's driveway in Stillwater. Several other vehicles at the home were broken into late Friday night or early Saturday morning, KSTP reported.

The missing .223 caliber rifle was locked and mounted on a rack, so the entire rack was taken.

There were no signs of forced entry, but the officer was certain he locked the vehicle.

California motorcycle accident kills 5, driver arrested

A California man was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence after he slammed head-on into a group of 10 motorcyclists, killing five, the Associated Press reported.

Carlos Rodriguez Bobadilla, 36, was arrested because his breath smelled of alcohol. He is among six injured victims.

Bobadilla, who is from Mexico, is recovering from hand fractures at a San Diego hospital, Chicago's WGNtv reports.

The names of the death victims have not been released, the Associated Press reported.

Commentator Charles McDowell dies at 84

In commentator Charles McDowell's obituary by Ashley Southall from the New York Times, the sources used by the reporter were McDowell's wife, a film he had appeared in, documentaries, and a statement by John Corry. This lead is standard stating who he was with his age as a separate sentence (and the last of the lead), which works. This obituary differs from a resume in the way it states what made him famous, not everything he did. Maybe not "famous", but definitely his most noticed work.

Rumor: Childress' job in jeopardy

After waiving wide receiver Randy Moss Monday without consulting with owners - or anyone else - Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress' job could be in jeopardy.

ESPN reported Sunday Vikings' owner Zygi Wilf talked with veteran players on the matter.

Unnamed veterans said they have "had enough of Childress' BS" and there was "a great window of opportunity" to fire Childress this past week.

Sources also said there was belief Childress would be fired whether they beat the Arizona Cardinals Sunday or not.

Before the game Sunday, Wilf was on the sideline and declined to answer reporter's questions on the matter, according to NFL Network.

Chilean miner finishes NYC marathon


Chilean miner Edison Pena finished a New York City marathon Sunday, just 69 days after being rescued from a Chilean mine, the New York Daily News reported.

Accessorized with a Chilean flag and knee brace, Pena, 34, finished the marathon in five hours, 40 minutes, and 51 seconds.

"In this marathon I struggled," Pena told reporters. "I struggled with myself, I struggled with my own pain, but I made it to the finish line. I want to motivate other people to also find the courage and strength to transcend their own pain."

Pena said running was his way of proving just how much he wants to live, the Associated Press reported.

Las Vegas-area Walmart evacuated

A Las Vegas-area Walmart was evacuated Saturday after a man pulled a gun on a security officer, the Associated Press reported.

The man also dropped a backpack with, what appeared to be, an explosive device.

Store personnel recognized the man from a previous incident and then asked the man to go to an office with Metro police, the Las Vegas Sun reported.

The man refused and ran outside. He then pulled a gun and hit a store officer in the head with it. The gun went off once, firing into the air.

Police are searching for the suspect, who left behind a fake ID.

The store officer did not suffer any serious injuries.

Man killed in rollover on I-494

A man was killed Sunday morning when his car rolled over on Interstate 494 in Woodbury, KSTP reports.

The 24-year-old man was going southbound when he veered off the road and flipped shortly after 7 a.m., the Pioneer Press reported.

He was wearing his seatbelt. His name has not been released.

St. Paul police are investigating recent attempted child lurings in St. Paul, the Pioneer Press reports.

The first incident took place Oct. 24 near 7th Street and Maria Avenue to a 16-year-old girl. She told police three men got out of a vehicle, grabbed her arm, then she pulled away and ran off, reported KSTP.

There have been five other incidents since the Oct. 24 one, with the most recent occurring on Nov. 4 to a 12-year-old boy near Summit and Portland.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call police.

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