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Canadian man killed, daughter raped by Pirates in Honduras

A Canadian man was killed and his daughter was raped when their boat was attacked last week in Honduras, police said Saturday.

Police found the stranded boat in a lagoon near the northwestern port of Tela, according to NewsCore.

Milan Egrmajer, 58, and his daughter Myda Egrmajer, 24, had been cruising the Caribbean Sea when they took shelter in a lagoon near Tela because of bad weather.

Pirates boarded the ship and shot Milan four times while Myda hid, the Canada National Post reported.

Myda was able to scare off the pirates with a shot of a flare gun, her cousin, Eric van Riesen told the National Post.

Volcano in Ecuador spewing ash and fire

Monster's and Critics said the Hoy newspaper reported Ecuador's Tungurahua volcano began spewing ash and fire this past weekend.

Nearby villages have been evacuated and no one has been injured, the Associated Press reports. Villages have not been damaged, either.

Tungurahua, about 130 kilometres south of Quito, is the most active volcano in Ecuador and last spewed ash in May, which shutdown villages for a day.

The volcano is 95 miles southeast of Quito.

Obama sets eyes on withdrawal date

President Obama said Saturday in Lisbon that he hopes to start relieving troops from Afghanistan by July.

Obama spoke at the two-day NATO summit where he spoke about his transition out of Afghan goals, which he wants complete by 2014, the Washington Post reported.

Pakistan backed the NATO timeline but cautioned the timeline because of security concerns.

Pakistan is crucial for the U.S. because its border areas are sanctuaries, and training grounds for al Qaeda and the Taliban, Reuters reported.

Some NATO countries are planning to start giving up security responsibility according to a timeline like Obama's. The Netherlands already have, and Canada is planning on changing from combat to training roles.

Mexican resort blast leaves injuries, some dead

Six killed, 15 injured in a Mexico resort explosion.

The Associated Press reports a supposed accumulation of gas caused a Caribbean coast resort to explode Sunday.

Four of the dead have been identified as Canadian tourists. Names of the victims were not released.

BBC reported the Mexican army and police have blocked off the resort.

Chilean miner finishes NYC marathon


Chilean miner Edison Pena finished a New York City marathon Sunday, just 69 days after being rescued from a Chilean mine, the New York Daily News reported.

Accessorized with a Chilean flag and knee brace, Pena, 34, finished the marathon in five hours, 40 minutes, and 51 seconds.

"In this marathon I struggled," Pena told reporters. "I struggled with myself, I struggled with my own pain, but I made it to the finish line. I want to motivate other people to also find the courage and strength to transcend their own pain."

Pena said running was his way of proving just how much he wants to live, the Associated Press reported.

Woman arrested in relation to bomb threats

Yemeni authorities arrested a woman Saturday in relation to the bomb threats.

Authorities searched for other suspects linked to the Persian Gulf threats, which are powerful enough to take down a cargo plane, the Associated Press reported.

The authorities surrounded the house where the suspect was hiding, Fox News reports.

U.S. investigators said the mail bombs found in the United Arab Emirates and England were on their way to two synagogues in Chicago, according to the Associated Press.

Britain government acts on spending deficit

British government must cut its spending budget by 14 percent, Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne said Wednesday, reported USA Today.

Britain will cut half a million jobs, reduce welfare payments and raise the retirement age as part of their efforts.

This will be Britain's biggest cut in spending since WWII, reported. It is part of the country's five-year austerity plan.

Osborne ordered 83 billion pounds in spending cuts through 2015, and a tax increase to end a spending deficit that reached 156 billion pounds last year.

Rescue for Chilean miners underway

After being trapped in a pitch-dark mine after a cave-in for over two months, 33 miners will finally have a way out Tuesday night, reported the Los Angeles Times.

A missille-like capsule will be lowered in to the mine that will allow one miner out at a time.

According to the Associated Press, the tunnel is almost half-mile-long.

No one has been trapped underground this long and survived.

It will take about 36 hours for all of the miners to be rescued, the Associated Press reported.

Dutch Court will let Indonesian President be

A Dutch court rejected a separatist group's bid Wednesday to have Indonesia's president arrested for alleged human rights violations during a visit to the Netherlands, reported the New York Times.

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono will not be arrested by the Dutch government for canceling a state visit at the last minute.

The Hague District Court will give a detailed explanation of its decision by next week, reported the Washington Post.

Yudhoyono's visit would have been the first in 40 years by an Indonesia president to the country's previous colonial master.

It is not certain if Yudhoyono will reschedule his visit.

Car explosion in Nigeria leaves 8 dead, 21 wounded

Eight people are left dead, 21 wounded in a Nigeria car explosion during the country's 50th anniversary Friday, according to the Associated Press.

President Goodluck Jonathon and other dignitaries were only a walking distance of 10 minutes away from the explosion in the country's capital Abuja.

Outside of the Justice Ministry the two bombs exploded at about the same time, CNN reported.

A Red Cross official said more deaths are expected to be recorded.

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