Reaction to Governor's Unallotment

After Governor Pawlenty released his proposed unallotments, MPR interviewed PNLC's Senior Fellow Jay Kiedrowski for his reactions. Kiedrowski highlighted a number of items:

- During the worst recession since World War II, the governor is proposing cuts that are putting holes in MN's safety net. Those most in need are being hurt the most.
- The governor refused to consider state tax increases, even though over half the states are increasing state taxes.
- The governor's use of unallotment powers is unprecedented and may be challenged in court.
- Over half of what the governor proposed as cuts are actually accounting gimmicks called shifts. As a result, a projection of the next state budget for 2012-13 shows a $4+ billion deficit.
- There is no reform in the governor's plans.
- The governor did drop his idea to sell bonds based on future tax settlement payments to pay for operating costs.

What do you think of the governor's proposed unallotments and its impact on Minnesotan citizens?

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