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To support local government redesign efforts and recognize the innovative work already underway, the Public and Nonprofit Leadership Center has partnered with state associations to create the Local Government Innovation & Redesign Guide and host a yearly Local Government Innovations Awards ceremony.

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It takes a village: Collaboration to end congestion

UPA 35W pic.JPGIf you've been traveling lately on I-35W between Minneapolis and Lakeville, you've probably noticed some major changes - and possibly an easier commute! The I-35W corridor has received a makeover courtesy of the U.S. Department of Transportation's Urban Partnership Agreement Program. This program was created in 2006 to fund pilot projects in regions around the country that would use innovative technological solutions to address traffic congestion. The program's vision was to bring together highway development and transit development to create new answers to the old problem of too many cars on the road at rush hour.

We here at the Public and Nonprofit Leadership Center have a particular interest in this congestion reduction project. Not because we're particularly knowledgeable about transportation infrastructure and highway development - we'll leave that to the engineers and planners. Our interest really stems from the fascinating partnerships that developed to get this work done. Even though it may have seemed like it's been forever that I-35W has been torn up and under construction, this project did an incredible amount of work in an unbelievably short amount of time. This feat was made possible because of the collaboration that occurred across agencies, jurisdictions, and sectors.

We've been following this project from the beginning to create a longitudinal case study documenting the project from the proposal development stage to its deployment. We've written two research reports (here and here) on our initial observations and findings - great reading for your next bus ride (or if you're stuck in traffic!).

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