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Crosby and Bryson edit special Public Integrative Leadership issue

Ldrshp Qtrly.gifThe Public and Nonprofit Leadership Center's own Drs. Barbara Crosby and John Bryson have edited a special issue of the Leadership Quarterly. The journal's volume 21, issue 2 (April 2010) focuses on Public Integrative Leadership.

In their introduction to the issue, Crosby and Bryson write, "For the last three years a group of scholars from many disciplines have taken on the challenge of understanding...cross-boundary leadership aimed at tackling public problems in ways that advance the public good. Several of us are based at the Center for Integrative Leadership at the University of Minnesota; others have joined in the center's conferences and helped shape the research questions that led to this special issue focusing on public integrative leadership.

We view this special issue as contributing to an emerging theory of integrative leadership that is rooted in practice. The theory brings together leadership concepts and practice connected to all five major sectors of society--business, government, nonprofits, media, and community. It focuses on leadership practice at all levels, from individual to global. By emphasizing the need to address complex public problems, it expands the notion of public so that it highlights contributions of all the sectors, not just government. This exploration of integrative leadership is connected to growth in scholarly attention to collaborative governance and collaborative public management."

Barbara and John finished editing the journal issue just as they left Minnesota to begin a year-long sabbatical in London, where they each tackled multiple writing projects while attending and presenting at a number of leadership conferences in Europe. We eagerly anticipate their return to Minnesota later this month.

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