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To support local government redesign efforts and recognize the innovative work already underway, the Public and Nonprofit Leadership Center has partnered with state associations to create the Local Government Innovation & Redesign Guide and host a yearly Local Government Innovations Awards ceremony.

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Give to the max!

As I checked my email box this morning my first thought was YIKES...this is like this weekend's snowstorm! Then I remembered the cause of the deluge in my inbox was due to Give to the Max Day 2010. Twenty-three messages from my favorite non-profit organizations eliciting my support on this day of giving. If you're reading this blog entry (it likely means you're a nonprofit dork like myself), you probably experienced something similar to your inbox. Even my facebook account was filled with comments. Some of the following were pretty typical in my que:

There are lots of fab nonprofits to support, but here's a special shout out to some that are close to my heart this year: XXX . Whatever your priorities, please make a gift today.

I'm sure you already know this, but it's Give to the Max Day 2010! Search GiveMN.org for your favorite MN nonprofits and participate in the Great Minnesota Give Together!

Even this one...
I'm sure I'm in the minority here, but this Minnesota charity "Give to the Max Day" campaign is bringing out the worst kinds of email spam from otherwise well-meaning organizations.

So is it worth it? Is the one-day media swirl event to focus people's giving result in strengthening nonprofits' visibility, encourage giving, and provide fundraising efforts for under-resourced organizations? I'd argue yes.

According to GiveMN.org, individual philanthropic giving in Minnesota is a $4 billion market. For every one percent of Minnesota individual charitable giving moved online, the nonprofit sector will save more than $5 million in fundraising expenses. With increased economic pressures, nonprofit organizations need to be smarter about tools available to further their organizations' causes. GiveMN is one of them. Go to Give MN's website for fundraising results and further information.

Did you give to the max today?

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