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To support local government redesign efforts and recognize the innovative work already underway, the Public and Nonprofit Leadership Center has partnered with state associations to create the Local Government Innovation & Redesign Guide and host a yearly Local Government Innovations Awards ceremony.

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On a Cold Day, it's Good to Keep Busy

It's one of those days when many Minnesotans say "Why do people live here?" It's also one of those days when many Minnesotans reflect on how tough we are, and how proud we are of our sub zero temperatures. Right now, our real temperature is a balmy 7 degrees above zero, up from -15 during the night when we were snug in our beds. It's the wind chill (in the summer, we will say "It's not the heat, it's the humidity."), which is clocking in right now at about -25 or so.

What we do in Minnesota is get busy. In the Leadership and Management area, we are:

  • Facilitating another cohort of 30 Minnesota Department of Transportation leaders in our "Leadership Foundations" program. Faculty and staff in the PNLC as well as some trusted outside trainers come together from January until April to experience such topics as "Skills for Managing Conflict," "Leading and Responding to Organizational Change," and "Coaching and Feedback through Situational Leadership." This is the second cohort this calendar year.
  • Teaching 21 courses in our various programs, including "Transforming Public Policy," "Managing Collaborations," "Qualitative Research Methods," and "Introduction to Financial Analysis and Management." It's a new semester!
  • Working on ten different research projects, with topics varying from Charter Schools to Using Public-Private Partnerships in the Reduction of Traffic Congestion to New Technology Teaching Tools for Public Affairs Educators.
  • Putting the finishing touches on at least two books and numerous publications. Details to come.
  • Getting ready for the monthly meeting of the Masters of Public Affairs Leadership Cohort, a group of 24 mid-career professionals who are part of the inaugural year of a redesigned MPA degree.
  • Gathering multi-media materials together for our January 26th Centennial Presentation (you should come; see the earlier post on this blog).
  • Adding final edits to the forthcoming "Local Government Innovation and Redesign Guide" which will be hitting the web soon. Watch this blog for details!
  • Considering the creation of a Leadership & Management Craft group, seeing as how we have knitters, sewers, crocheters, and artists of all kinds roaming these halls with needles and pens.

Colleagues, did I miss anything?

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