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An off-base argument: the federal budget

This week of budgets passed at the buzzer and ideological debate has been exhausting. It's exhausting for those who depend on the federal government for employment, or services, or support. It's been exhausting from nearly any ideological viewpoint. However, for me, and perhaps you, it's been exhausting because what we are arguing is really 'does this program or that program deserve funding?' The problem here of course is that for many programs, we have already decided that the program recipients, the benefactors, are worthy of assistance and funding. The sides of the aisle simply disagree on how this happens. However, this is not the argument being had in the media, or probably in the negotiation rooms. It has become YES or NO, not, YES, but only in a way that achieves these outcomes, or YES, but though a more streamlined process. Politicians, and many constituents, are now stuck arguing the merits instead of the methods --- an argument where no one will be convinced, no one is coming up with new innovative policy ideas, no one is winning.
We have another couple rounds of budgeting the next few months. I would urge all interested and educated people to, instead of getting mad at 'them,' or putting our fingers in our ears and plowing forward, to actively advocate for new policy structures, and efficient AND empathetic assistance. Anything being done can probably be done better, and it's time for those with strong policy backgrounds to bring unique and creative options to the table, instead of pointing fingers in an off base battle of wits.
While I'm not quite ready to hear a few more rounds of fighting about billions of dollars - numbers I cannot fathom - it is in these somewhat desperate times that the engaged and creative get heard most, and when the most impact is possible at a large scale level. And that is certainly something to look forward to.

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