Local Government Innovation & Redesign

To support local government redesign efforts and recognize the innovative work already underway, the Public and Nonprofit Leadership Center has partnered with state associations to create the Local Government Innovation & Redesign Guide and host a yearly Local Government Innovations Awards ceremony.

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PNLC Well-Represented at MCN/MCF 2012 Joint Conference

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Allied for Action: Bridging Differences for the Greater Good is the theme of this year's Joint Conference of the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits (MCN) and the Minnesota Council on Foundations (MCF). Held November 1 and 2 at Saint Paul's RiverCentre, the conference brings together board members, staff members, students and volunteers active in nonprofit and philanthropic organizations from around the state.

And the PNLC will be very well represented!

Featured speakers include the following PNLC faculty, adjunct faculty, and Advisory Group members:
* Jodi Sandfort on The Art of Hosting and The Impact Initiative: Co-creating a Future for Nonprofit Services
* Julia Classen & Allison Rojas on Board Strategic Stewardship
* Dan Cramer on Constitutional Amendments--What Have We Learned?
* Kate Barr on Reserves Aren't Enough: Understanding and Planning Nonprofit Capitalization
* Kim Borton & Patricia Torres Ray on Using Research as Strategic Investment and Action to Drive Social Change
* Jeannie Fox on Lobbying and Advocacy: Foundations and Nonprofits as Partners in Policy Change
* and Joe Soss on The Marketization of Nonprofits

If you're wondering how well-connected and influential the PNLC is, there's your proof!


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