Definition of Leadership - Week 3

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Week 2: The definition of a leader should be defined with an understanding that she/he is an ethical person with good intentions working towards the same goal for a community for a positive cause. There may possibly be bad leaders out there, but does that necessarily make them leaders or just people with bad intentions? Even they have followers which is required of a leader.

Week 3: My definition of leadership is changing every week. Week 3 is as follows: Leadership is when an ethical person with ethical intentions uses their best strengths to lead a group of people towards a common goal. Leaders can either be assigned to you with no choice, or could be voted in with the hope that they are going to be leading us in the right direction towards the same goal. A good leader knows both their strengths and weaknesses. It is necessary to know your weaknesses so you can surround yourself with smart people who have your weaknesses as strengths.

Analysis: It was necessary to incorporate strengths into my definition this week. A leader must use and develop their strengths to become a better leader. Finding my own strengths (and weaknesses) will help myself become a better leader as well. Through the Strengths Quest and readings I've noted my own strengths and weaknesses for future use.

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