Usain Bolt Guards his Title and Wins Olympic Gold

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Usain Bolt keeps his title of the fastest man as he sprinted to win an Olympic gold in the men's 100-meter race on Sunday with a record time of 9.63.

Bolt is first sprinter since Carl Lewis to defend an Olympic 100-meter race title, CNN said.

Bolt's season this year included defeats and injuries which had some worried about his performance at the Olympics, but he arrived to compete and ran the second-fastest time ever, which was even 0.05 seconds slower than his own record time of 9.58 seconds, BBC News said.

Despite his slow start from the blocks, Bolt finished first capturing the gold. Yohan Blake, countryman and training partner of Bolt won the silver and American Justin Gatlin won bronze, BBC News said.

A 4-year-old boy fell out of a third-story window of an apartment building in Spring Park on Sunday.

The boy was airlifted to North Memorial Medical Center in Robbinsdale after he reportedly fell 25 feet to the ground, the Star Tribune said.

Police said that the child had pushed out the screen of the third-story window and then fell out. His condition is not yet known according to the Pioneer Press.

Police said they are investigating the boy's fall but are currently considering it an accident, the Star Tribune said.

A gunmen entered a Sikh Temple in Oak Creek Wis. on Sunday killing six people worshipping inside, and then was shot and killed by an officer responding to the scene. Authorities are treating the tragedy as a domestic terrorist attack.

A nearby city, Cudahy, has also been evacuated by law enforcement officers who are investigating a duplex. It is uncertain if there is a connection between the house and the shooting that took place at the Sikh Temple, the Journal Sentinel said.

Authorities began receiving 911 calls around 11:25 a.m. from people inside of the temple during the shooting. The first officer who responded to the scene was ambushed by the gunman and was severely injured. Another officer and the gunman exchanged shots which left the gunman killed, NPR reported.

Four people were found dead inside of the temple and three, including the gunman, were found outside. Four people were injured, including the officer who was ambushed, and were taken to hospitals, the Journal Sentinel said.

This is the second mass shooting in two weeks, the first being the shooting at a theater in Aurora Colo. that killed 12 people and injured 58, NPR said.

Zambian Miners Kill Chinese Manager over Wages

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Zambian miners killed one of their Chinese managers and severely injured another by pushing a mine trolley at them during a pay riot at a mine on Sunday.

The miners were on strike against management delaying to begin a new minimum wage and keeping the workers' pay lower than other chinese managed mines, BBC said.

Zambia increased minimum wage in July to $350 a month for shop workers, but the mine's chinese owners have not yet implemented the increase, BBC said.

China has increased investment within Africa for its abundance of raw material like copper, which Zambia is rich in supply, but Chinese companies have been criticized for migrating their poor worker's rights to Africa, Reuters said.

14 Fires Burn Across Oklahoma as Extreme Heat Continues

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At least 14 fires burned across Oklahoma on Saturday, destroying around five dozen infrastructures and forcing people to flee their homes as the temperature outside remained above 100 degrees.

The fires were started in Luther but quickly began appearing in neighboring counties including Creek County in northeastern Oklahoma and Payne County just 35 miles west of Creek County, USA Today reported.

Keli Cain a spokeswoman of Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management said no serious injuries had been reported and that families are being evacuated from the counties near the approaching fires, USA Today said.

Another spokesman for the Oklahoma Department of Management, Jerry Lojka, said that six helicopters were deployed to fight the fires but that they were unable to respond to all the fires, CNN reported.

Firefighters were still exhausted from Friday's fires, but fought to protect people and their homes on Saturday despite the intense heat that sent a few firefighters to a hospital and left many with heat exhaustive symptoms, CNN said.

A 52-year-old man was killed after his rental-truck struck a support beam which collapsed and crushed the vehicle in the West parking lot of the Mall of America on Friday night.

Two passengers in the vehicle were injured and taken to hospitals, but their condition has not yet been released, Minnesota Public Radio said.

The vehicle was driving up the West parking lot's access ramp when it struck the steel-and-concrete support beam above the vehicle, which then fell on top of the cab of the vehicle, crushing the driver inside, the Star Tribune said.

Bloomington Deputy Police Chief Rick Hart said that the incident was most likely an accident. The U-haul truck was too large for the particular ramp and Hart said that the driver may not have noticed the hanging device that would have tapped the vehicle upon entry to let the driver know it was too big, the Star Tribune said.

The driver and passengers were attempting to go to the mall, but according to Hart they simply "Misjudged the height of the van and the access allowed by the ramp," Minnesota Public Radio said.

The mall remained open as crews examined and cleaned the scene, but the west parking garage entrance will stay closed until the structure surrounding the accident has been fully repaired and examined, the Star Tribune said.

Head on Collision in Arizona Kills Seven

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A tractor-trailer truck crossed the median of an Arizona highway and hit a van going the other direction, killing all seven passengers inside on Sunday evening.

The truck, driving west on Interstate 10, crossed the median, slamming into the van traveling east on I-10, CNN News said.

Both vehicles caught fire after the collision ran them off the right side of the road, the Star Tribune said.

The crash occurred about 60-miles west of Phoenix the Star Tribune said.

The driver of the truck and his wife who was in the passenger seat were both injured and taken to Banner Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix, CNN said.

The seven victims' identities are still under investigation by medical examiners, but they are believed to be from western Arizona, CNN said.

The Ebola outbreak in Uganda, which left 14 people dead, was not initially detected as Ebola because patients did not have the typical symptoms.

The outbreak began in June and measures were taken to contain the illness, but experts could not identify that it was Ebola until this week, BBC News said.

Typical symptoms include fever, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, headache, rash, red eyes, and hemorrhaging, which was the symptom not seen in this Ebola outbreak, CNN said.

An isolation center was made in Kibaale's hospital where it is trying to contain the outbreak, CNN said. 20 people have been infected, 14 of which have died.

One of the doctors who was treating the infected patients is one of the 14 dead, CNN said.

Ebola is contracted through direct contact with bodily fluids, is highly infectious, and there is no vaccine for the virus, BBC News said.

Traffic moving westbound on Interstate 94 is back to normal after a semi was towed from the entrance of Lowry tunnel where it jackknifed on Sunday morning.

The semitrailer truck jackknifed and overturned at the entrance of Lowry tunnel just after 10 a.m. blocking two lanes of traffic going westbound on I-94 for about 90 minutes, the Star Tribune said.

No other vehicles were involved in the crash, the truck was not carrying any cargo, and the driver was uninjured, the Pioneer Press said.

The driver said that wet roads caused the incident, but the cause is still under investigation, the Pioneer Press said.

The semi was removed by towing crews around 11:35 a.m., the Star Tribune said.

A water waste pipe line proposal in an Eastern Chinese city was halted after amounting pressure from local residents who began protesting against the pipeline and the pollution that would follow.

Thousands of residents gathered in a downtown square of Qidong city north of Shanghai where police awaited the demonstrators, CNN said.

Protestors overturned cars, entered and ransacked local government buildings, and even stripped one local official of his shirt, replacing it with a t-shirt marked with an anti-pollution slogan, BBC News said.

The 110-kilometer (70-mile) pipeline was to be for a local paper-making company, and according to demonstrators would eventually release 150,000 tons of sewage into the ocean every dear, CNN said.

In the last few months more protests against pollution have occurred through out China, and according to BBC News the demonstrations are becoming more outspoken, better organized, and more effective.