A Revolution Continues as Egypt's First Civilian President Takes Oath of Office

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The recently elected President of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi, took an oath of office in front of the Constitutional Court on Saturday, but not before he spoke his own oath to thousands of Egyptian citizens gathered in Tahrir Square, NPR News reported.

Morsi is the first civilian president to be elected into power following the removal of the former president Hosni Mubarak, NPR News said.

While the victory is significant, Morsi faces extreme challenges in gaining full leadership of the Egyptian government. The Constitutional Court that President Morsi took the oath in front if is the same government body that disbanded the parliament preceding Morsi's election, The New York Times said.

The Court also had transferred much of the president's control to military generals, which Morsi and many civilians have claimed as an illegitimate decree, the New York Times said.

In the coming months the revolution of Egypt will continue as President Mohamed Morsi tries to achieve a democracy for his country and his people.

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