Hotel Attack in Kabul was Targeted for Being "Immoral"

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The violent attack on a resort hotel near Kabul which left more than 20 people dead on Thursday was apparently targeted for its participation in prostitution and parties, the Taliban said in a statement on their web page.

The New York Times reported that seven, male, insurgents stormed the Spozhmai Hotel late Thursday night, killing mostly young men, which included three unarmed hotel security guards and six military policemen. The attackers also took 45 people hostage.

Early Friday morning, combined forces of Afghan National Police, Norwegian special forces, and American helicopters, were able to secure the resort after each attacker was killed by the detonation of their own explosive vests, journalist at the scene said.

All hostages were rescued and only 10 people were wounded, police said.

A BBC News reporter, Quentin Sommerville, confirmed the specific hotel was attacked because the Taliban regarded it as an "immoral" place.

Sommerville acknowledged the loss of life, but contended that the incident "falls far short of the large-scale attacks that have taken place in the Afghan capital."

"It appears designed to inflict as many casualties as possible, and grab headlines," Sommerville said.

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